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Blossom, Raven, Blizzard & Moki

Blossom Raven

Raven at 6 months Raven is 6 months old in this photo to the left on the chair.

She is Very timid. We got her at 5 mos. and she wasn't socialized at all as a pup -- just low pup on the totem pole consisting of 7 other wd's of different ages. I felt very sorry for her and bought her.

She watches me every minute and listens and understands what I say to her. She is my dog.

Raven at 10 months She is 10 mos. old now and somewhat less timid -- at least she doesn't hide when family comes over now. I'm very quiet and gentle with her and consistant.

I love her sweet spirit. I just plain love her!!

The picture of Raven in the yard is one I took just after her being spayed--at 6 mos. That is why her tummy looks so gaunt.

We bought a 4wk. old pup last month for her. Turbo, my scottie died and Raven was lonesome.

Blossom at 5 weeks sitting on a rock

Blossom is a whole other story. She is extremely social and also sweet. A bit like a locomotive however.

She will be much bigger than Raven. Already, at 12 weeks, she is over 30 pounds.

Raven is a mid-content wd mixed with gsd. Blossom is supposed to be low-high content mixed with malamute.

She walks with a harness well -- That is her on a rock at 5 weeks.

Blossom at 4 weeks sucking on an ear
The picture of her nursing on my husbands ear, is at 4 weeks. I think that it was the night we bought her.

She sleeps with us. Raven used to but now she sleeps in the shower off the bedroom.

We have a wildlife sanctuary on coastal Maine. I am a nurse and wildlife rehabilitator, licensed with the state. My husband is a master carpenter and builds anything I need. His love for wildlife and our animals equals mine -- fortunately.

Blossom and Gabby Blossom at 6 weeks in the backyard To the left is Blossom being brushed by my granddaughter Gabby on the bed.

The other picture is Blossom at 6 wks. on a bench in the yard.

Blossom will be spayed at the appropriate time. As of now she and Raven are the best of friends and my little 5 pound yorkie mix is alpha dog.

Blizzard and Gabrielle
Here is a picture of Blizzard, just after he joined the family. He is a rescue, and had been abandoned in a trailer. His owner moved w/o him. He is wonderful and very large. At 3mos. now he is almost 50#. This is my Granddaughter, Gabrielle.

This is Blizzard at 8 months, snoozing on the couch.

And this is Moki, the baby of the family. This photo is of her at 4 mos. Isn't she beautiful? (she asked shamelessly). We love her to pieces. She is VERY busy. I'm not saying that she gets into everything -- but she does and has to be supervised at all times.



At right is a photo of Blossom at the age of 11 months.

Judy Gray is 'owned' by Blossom, Raven, Blizzard and Moki.
To contact her, e-mail ( ) with 'wolfdogs' as subject.


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