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Wolfdog Frequently Asked Questions Discover more about raising wolf-dog crosses.

Wolfdog FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The information / opinions presented in The Wolf Dunn's "FAQ for Wolfdogs" represents an ongoing collective effort of the over 300 members of the Hybrid Wolf Mailing List aka. Wolfdoglist. The subscriber base was asked to respond to various "basic" questions about wolf x dogs, responsible ownership and breeding practices.

Some responses have been edited for solely for brevity by The Wolf Dunn. When possible, whole quotes have been used although full author names are not directly cited. This is to ensure that as many respondents as possible had a chance to have their comments used in the FAQ, and to ensure that the authors anonimity is honored outside of the context of the Wolfdoglist.

Instructions on how to subscribe to the Hybrid Wolf Mailing List aka. Wolfdoglist are included at our online "Rules and Guidelines" page.

Enjoy, Gudrun F. Dunn

Q  u  e  s  t  i  o  n  s    b  y    T  o  p  i  c    G  r  o  u  p  s
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G  e  n  e  r  a  l     "O  w  n  e  r  s  h  i  p"     Q  u  e  s  t  i  o  n  s
  Do wolfdogs make good pets?
  What's a "Hybrid" Wolf, and what's a Wolfdog?
  Is it legal to own a wolf or a wolfdog?
  What does responsible wolfdog ownership entail?
  Is there a genetic test to prove my animal has wolf in it?
  How cool is it to say you own a wolfdog?
  Why do you own wolfdogs? Is it a macho thing? Aren't dogs good enough?

B  r  e  e  d  e  r  s    &    P  u  r  c  h  a  s  e     C  o  n  s  i  d  e  r  a  t  i  o  n  s
  I really want a wolfdog puppy. What do I need to know before getting it?
  How can I tell a good wolf hybrid breeder from a bad one?
  What don't good wolfdog breeders do?
  How easy is it to find qualified buyers for a litter of wolfdog pups?
  What are some advantages to having a low content wolfdog versus a high content?
  What is an 'acceptable' breed of dog to mix with wolf?
  What does "percentage" mean? What's low, mid and high wolf content?
  What's an F-gen, and how is accuracy determined?
  Can I register my wolfdog, like I did with my purebred dog?
  What's the best age to aquire a wolfdog puppy? Is content range a factor?
  What are the advantages to bottlefeeding wolf 'hybrid' pups?
  As a wolfdog owner, do you have any regrets? What would you do differently?

C  o  n  t  a  i  n  m  e  n  t     R  e  q  u  i  r  e  m  e  n  t  s
  Why shouldn't I keep my wolfdog on a chain or an aerial cable run?
  What type of fencing (containment system / enclosure) do I need to keep a wolf hybrid in?
  What's better, a rounded enclosure or a square one? Are dig-guards adviseable?
  How large do wolfdog enclosures need to be?
  If I move, will my adult wolfdog adapt easily to his new enclosure?
  What toys or structures can I provide in the enclosure to keep my wolfdogs entertained?
  Does invisible fencing work for wolfdogs?
  Is it appropriate to keep a wolfdog in a backyard kennel?
  Is it ever acceptable to let a wolfdog run loose?

B  e  h  a  v  i  o  r,     T  e  m  p  e  r  a  m  e  n  t,    &    T  r  a  i  n  i  n  g
  What does socialization mean? How important is this?
  Do wolfdog puppies mature at the same rate as regular dog pups?
  What should I be aware of when introducing a wolfdog (pup or adult) into a household with other animals?
  Does crate-training work for wolfdog puppies, and how do I get started?
  Are training techniques the same for dogs and wolfdogs? What's recommended?
  If I'm not supposed to hit my wolfdog, what else can I do to make her obey?
  What is a wolfdog's temperament like? Are they aggressive?
  Do wolf-dog crosses "turn" on their owners after reaching maturity?
  Behaviorally, how are wolfdogs different than dogs?
  What are some differences between high and low content behavioral characteristics?
  Specifically, what behavioral aspects are characteristic of low, mid, and high contents?
  What is 'winter wolf syndrome'? Who gets it, and how do you deal with it?
  My adult wolfdog is afraid of most everything, what can I do to help him?
  How do I exercise my wolfdog if I can't leash walk him safely?
  My wolfdog paces alot, what does this mean?
  Do I really need to have a companion canine for my wolfdog?
  Can wolfdogs be kept in a pack situation without fights?
  How do wolfdog 'owners' manage to go on vacation?

V  e  t  e  r  i  n  a  r  y    C  a  r  e    &    V  a  c  c  i  n  a  t  i  o  n  s
  Are there any reasons why I should tell the Veterinarian my new puppy is a wolfdog?
  Is Veterinary care any different for wolfdogs than for plain 'ol dogs?
  Do "higher contents" require different vaccination shots than "lower content" wolfdogs?
  I can't find a Veterinarian willing to accept my wolfdog, what do I do if she's sick or injured?
  Ideally, what's the best age for spaying/neutering a wolfdog pup?
  If my wolfdog bites someone, will the same rules apply as for a dog that bites someone?
  What's the average lifespan of a wolfdog?
  Do wolfdogs have any special dietary needs?
  What is hip dysplasia, and can wolfdogs get it?

R  a  i  s  i  n  g    C  h  i  l  d  r  e  n    &    W  o  l  f  d  o  g  s
  Are wolfdogs generally good companions for children under age 12? Why or why not?
  Any advice for first-time wolfdog owners, now expecting our first child?
  How can I prevent children from coming in contact with our wolfdogs?
  Neighborhood children are harassing my wolfdogs, how do I handle this?

W  o  l  f    -     D  o  g     O  r  i  g  i  n  s
  Do people take wolves from the wild to keep as pets ? Is that where wolfdogs come from?
  How long have wolf-dogs been around? Are wolfdogs a recent creation?
  Are there different breeds of wolfdogs?
  Many claim to have wolfdogs but most are obviously not. What can I do to educate?
  Does a black spot on my dog's tail mean he has wolf in him?
  Does it mean my dog is a wolfdog because he has yellow colored eyes?

R  e  s  c  u  e     S  i  t  u  a  t  i  o  n  s
  What do I do when I can no longer keep my wolfdog?
  If you release a wolfdog into the wild, will its instincts allow it to survive?
  I'd like to adopt/rescue a wolfdog, how do I prepare for this?


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