Wolf Hybrid Awareness Through Education

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A Letter From the Creator of WHATE Materials

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Wolfdogs A to Z, book
"Wolfdogs A to Z; Behavior, Training & More"
Essential reading for wolfdog 'owners' !

Living with Wolfdogs, book
"Living with Wolfdogs; An Everyday Guide to a Lifetime Companionship"
An excellent book detailing wolfdog 'ownership'. A must-read !

The mission of WHATE (Wolf Hybrid* Awareness Through Education) is just what it says - to educate the public regarding wolf hybrids. WHATE does not promote the ownership of wolf hybrids as pets, nor does it condone the banning or euthanasia of hybrids. What WHATE does support is responsible ownership by those who do choose to own these animals. This packet is designed to impart information which will help in making an informed decision on ownership, to guide the reader to further information, and most of all, to prevent more unwanted hybrids from living out their lives at rescue facilities or worse, being put down.

Wolf hybrids can be sweet, intelligent companions. However, hybrids are not generally the ideal pet. They require a lot more time, effort and patience than dogs, and are definitely not for the inexperienced. They require special containment and diet, which can be an expensive proposition. And for many people who don't know the facts beforehand, hybrids can go from being docile, adorable puppies to adults who challenge their unprepared owners for dominance, and become destructive and impossible to handle.

Get the facts - read everything you can get your hands on. Talk to people who have hybrids. Visit wolf centers, and visit rescues to see what becomes of unwanted hybrids. Talk to your local animal control department to find out what happens to hybrids who get picked up in your area. And if you do have a wolf hybrid now or get one in the future, please BE RESPONSIBLE!

Thank you. Howls,

    Nicole Wilde


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Thinking about breeding your wolf-dog ? A candid message from Nicole Wilde, author of the book, "Living with Wolfdogs; An Everyday Guide to a Lifetime Companionship", to potential breeders.

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