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Southern BreezeI started raising hybrids back in 1982 when my daughter Tracey brought the first one home @ 5wk. My daughter has since grown up and has kids of her own. I have since got the fever & have passed in along to many others (wolf fever). I currently have 13 hybrids 8 of whom I've raised from babies the rest needed new homes so to speak.

My main pack consists of 7 animals. This pack of 7 lives in an enclosure of about 1/2 acre with a 6 ft. 9 ga. chain link fence with 3 strands of hot wire at the top and 3 ft. of ground wire on the bottom as well as hot wire 4in. from ground level.

In the enclosure they have several pines and a large oak tree for shade they hang out under the oak most of the day. The rest is a large grassy running area. They also have a 16x36 kennnel with a metal roof on it and a multi level deck inside with a kids swimming pool to play in, this is attached to the garage with a dog door leading into a 10x12 pen inside the garage. They also spend a lot of time in there because I just got it airconditioned. They get locked up every night in this pen for safety sake, as I almost lost one to a snake bite a while back.

Southern Breeze (first photo above at right) is a 4yr Malamute mix. She's very sweet and very smart @ 4 mo. she saved the life of one of my other animals. She is very loving and you can just see her little heart melt when she sees children. Although she loves them her nails are very sharp so she has to greet most strangers through the fence or on a leash. She meets very few people that's she's afraid of. Her nickname is Beatle.

Skye BancheeNext there is Skye Banchee (at left) he is a B/C Husky cross. His nickname is Binky because he still has to have his binky in his mouth when ever he greets me in the morning or after I've been gone for a while.

He prefers his piece of lambs wool or anything fuzzy but gets in a real panic if he sees me coming and can't find something, then a raggedy old pine cone or anything will have to do. He has to have his mouth full while he howls and growls and coos.

Then when he drops it my face is gonna get a good washing even though by then Breeze and her daughter Sunshine have done a pretty good job of that, he feels maybe they missed a spot!

( You can see Sunshine's photo further down on this page )

White Cloud Tracker

Cheyenne Lady is 11yr. Arctic/Shep grandaughter of my first hybrid, she is in excellent health and is very well behaved.

White Cloud "Tracker" is her grandson 4yr. w/some malamute also, he's 140# and also well behaved. They live together in a 12x18 a/c shed with access to a 12x30 kennel on each side of the shed as well as a seperate 12x18 shade covered kennel.


Then theres Mickey 3yr male the most affectionate animal God ever put on this earth, he waits patiently to get his special attention.

He is something most hybrids are not GENTLE we have a super special bond. He has a story of 8 days on the road--- I have a story of 8 days of prayer and posters and looking and looking and looking.


Then I have my pups.

Shamrock (at left), her backround I'm not real sure of but her personality is the greatest she is very mellow for a pup a lot like Mickey. She is almost 6mo.

Striker (at right) is a beautiful pup from a good friend in Alabama. He is also very loving but not very well behaved as you might guess.

He is the ring leader of the pups at only 5mo. he is also Shamrock's best friend.


Starr is a rescue from a man who was not ready for a hybrid did all the wrong things and waited too long to admit she was not an animal he could train.

So now she is very shy with most people but she does good with people who have a lot of patience, and she's happy in her pack she is a Shep/mal/wolf mix. She was born on 2/27/98.

Puff and HollywoodI have another pair of rescues named Puff and Hollywood. They are first cousins, Hollywood's parents are Breeze & Banchee and Puff's parents are Tracker and Breeze's sister.

Puff (light colored animal in foreground) is now Hollywood's partner. She was well taken care of physically but just got to be too much for the people who got her, when she started jumping the fence to go down the steet to play with the neighbors dog. They decided to return her rather than wait till she got hit by a car or picked up by the pound.

Hollywood (darker animal in background) was sold as a pup at 5 wks old he was very social and still is although I don't know why because he was lost from theoriginal purchaser through a burglary at 3mo old and did not surface againuntil about 9mo. When I found him through the help of a friend we traced at least 2other people he had been with so we really don't know what all he might have gonethrough but when we located him through a freak kind of thing he was living in achicken farm in South Miami in a 6x6 pen with another animal with him. I don'tbelieve the people were mean to him he just wasn't their top priorty and they gothim to use as a stud not knowing he probably would only be fertile only part ofthe year. Anyway after contacting the man I sold him to I figured he would gohome at last. Only to find out 2 mo. later he was in the paper for sale still atthe chicken farm I went and paid the same price I sold him for as a pup andbrought him home. He now lives in an enclosure 25x60 attached to another kennel16x40 with a peaked bamboo roof and a large oak in the center.

Now my last 2 are Mesha 2yr old she is very very sweet even though she has changed homes a few times in her life. She is a hi % from an excellent breeder who socializes well. Her buddy is a pup I placed with a wonderful woman who unfortunately found herself raising kids again after she thought she was done (I told you she was wonderful) anyway she knew it would be best for the pup because she would not be able to give him the time he would require. So he is back with me. His name I changed to "Chopper" because of the way he takes his treats. He is a hi% 5mo. related to Striker he is extremely social and friendly.


Photo of Sunshine.

I could really write a lot more but I don't like typing that much and I don't want to bore you.

I love them all very much sometimes I feel like the old woman who lived in a shoe had so many children she didn't know what to do... But most of the time I know just what to do. Like now I gotta go clean clean clean but then I get my rewards just watching them play and when I'm sad my tears never even get to hit the ground with 13 tounges around. They are all magnificent animals and I'm blessed more than I deserve.

By the way some of their favorite treats are whole wheat bread, grapes, tomatoes, carrots and jello.

Breeze and Mickey

All the animals seen here are "owned" by Vicki Spencer.

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