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TianaTiana is our black phase wolf dog, she was born April 26, 1994. She is a 95% F1 wolf dog. Tiana is a large wolf dog weighing approx. 120 lbs. She just recently got out of the 'brat' stage and is starting to exhibit amore mature personality. Tiana's mannerisms are all wolf, her mostfavorite thing to do is steal all she can from me including thewheelbarrow, shovel, rake etc. Tiana's parents are celebrities, theyare both on post cards!

My wolfdogs live in a pack situation in large enclosures on our property. I also have one more male wolf dog, I hope to be adding their pictures to The Wolf Dunn soon. All of our wd's are very gentle, beautiful animals. I could not imagine my life with out them. One of my males, Timber 92%, has been to the schools a few times. He loves kids, and is the gentlest wd I have ever seen. I am very proud to be able to feature my Wolf Dogs pictures here. I love to look at all the different looks that can come across when breedingwolf to dog. They are all so beautiful.

TundraThis is our alpha male Tundra. Tundra is 84% wolf. He was bornin March of 1991. His personality is very wolfish. While he is pretty wellsocialized he has inherited the ways of the wolf. Tundra was not bottlefed and was left with his natural mother until the age of three monthswhen he came to live with us. He is leary of strangers but warms up soonafter he gets to know you.

Tundra has the most beautiful transparent yellow eyes that seem to look right through you. He is very good at keeping my other wolf dogs in line and I enjoy watching him 'rule' the pack.

TimberThis is Timber, a pup we kept in 1994. Timber is 92% F1 wolf.His father is our alpha male Tundra. Timber is 130 lbs of pure gentleness. He is the perfect wolf dog, beautiful wolf appearence and a total dog personality!

His disposition is very friendly, calm and loving to everyone. Timber has gone to the local schools here to help educate on wolves and wolf dogs. Timber is definately a treasure in the wolf dog world.

CrosscutThis is Crosscut, a 98% Eastern Timberwolf. Crosscut's previous owner did not want her any longer so we took her in.Crosscut was a very troubled animal. Although she craved human attentionher aggresive personality was a little more than we could tolerate.She was a very dominant female and would not accept neutered males orother female wolf dogs in her enclosure to the point that she wouldfight to the death. In the summer of 1997, we transfered Crosscut toanother wolf dog rescue in the hopes that she would have a better life.

Crosscut will be in our hearts forever. Unfortunately, she is one ofthose wolf/dogs that will never be able to be trusted with, children,other animals and most grown ups. This is what happens when highpercentage wolf/dogs bond to their first owners and then are given up.

TimberWolf Acres' wolfdog packAt left is a picture of Tundra doing what he does best. Even though Timberoutweighs Tundra by 40 lbs. He still rolls over like a puppy wheneverTundra dominates. As you can see Tiana likes to practice her alphafemale status too. Even though he lets his son constantly know who isboss, he is still very loving and affectionate towards Timber.

The TimberWolf Acres pack consists of four high percentage wolfdogs. The wolf compound is situated on our 15 acres. We have twolarge enclosures divided by an eight foot walkway with night pens oneach side. One pack consists of Tiana (black phase), Timber, and Tundra.These three inhabit the largest enclosure.

We are grateful to be accepted by these beautiful animals. They haveenriched our lives in so many ways. Their loyalty towards us is apparentand our love for them is immeasurable.

Tiana, Timber and Tundra are 'owned' by Val & Jody of TimberWolf Acres. For more information about Val & Jody and their wolfdogs, contact ( ) with 'Tiana' as subject.

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