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Nakai, Konah, Shikoka, Denali  +
Nakai Konah
Shikoka Denali
Nakai Konah
Nakai Nakai celebrated his 5th Birthday in April. This male is a very large friendly guy who likes almost everyone... he does not really care for small framed women, preferring men. Monty Sloan from Wolf Park being his favorite.

Linda and Nakai Photo at left is of Linda with Nakai.

Linda is a good friend of Chris, and has been helping care for the animals for many years. She is considered to be a pack member, they know and trust her.

She is available to answer questions you may have about the TundraSong Pack. To contact Linda, e-mail ( ) with 'Nakai' as subject.


Konah also celebrated his 5th Birthday in April. He is a real sweetie, being somewhat on the shy side with people he does not know but warms up to women more than men.

We've had the boys since they were around 14 days old. All of the animals are bottlefed except for Shikoka.

Konah howling

Shikoka & Denali (the girls)
Koka walking



Shikoka or just 'Koka' for short.
Denali and Koka are the girls, they are both 6 years old. Both are also very sweet, but the two don't get along so they are seperated.


Both are F1 high% wolfdogs. Denali was born at the end of February, she has a pure father and a hybrid mother. Koka is also a F1 high, born in April.

More Konah & Nakai
Need some help there ?... Nakai working on the ladder

"Need some help there, bud ?"... Nakai (the helpful - ha, ha, - construction worker's assistant) checking out what's up the ladder.

Happy Konah

The photo above is another of Konah. He is of Arctic wolf inheritance, very beautiful seen here in his winter coat.



All the animals you see on this page are "owned" by Chris Frye. Good friend and 'pack member' Linda, is available to answer any questions you may have about the critters. To contact Linda, e-mail ( ) with 'Nakai' as subject.

Linda's TundraSong Homepage is where you can see tons more photos of the pack, plus Linda's own unique expression of her love for wolves and wolf-dog crosses.

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