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I would like to share Timi's story as an example of 'what not to do' with a Wolfdog.

Timi or Simone, as she was originaly called, was purchased by a college student thinking that it would be cool to have a wd. Beingstrongly characteristic or 'wolfie' she was destructive, as many wdpuppies can be. Left alone all day she found plenty to do to occupyher time until the apartment manager discovered the damage and evictedher 'owner'. She was then given to the guys younger brother where shegrew up in a kennel relatively unsocialized.

She was again given to another young man where she was half starved and began to develop bad habits. It was at this point I believe, that shestarted killing cats. I was told that this boy "didn't like cats anyway". Timi had been allowed to, and encouraged, to hunt cats in some sort of sick game.

Passed on once more to another teenage boy, she suffered unspeakablebeatings after killing a pup. Remember that this behavior had been previously encouraged. This 'owner' was hell-bent on breaking her of killing smallanimals even if he had to beat her to death trying.

At Timi's last home she was kept on a short chain inside a kennel, forshe was a known *killer*. The tumor in Timi's throat made it nearly impossible for her to swallow the cheap dry kibble she was fed. Their opinion was that if she was to *good* to eat what they gave her she could do without. She was 20lbs. underweight.

Timi did NOT become a problem animal on her own. She was made thatway by ignorance and cruelty! Yes, she did prey on smaller pets. She was tought it was acceptable. Yes, she did fearbite. She was tought that was the only way to protect herself from being beaten. As far as I know, I am the only one she had bitten, maybe because I was the only one who cared enough to take the risk. Who could blame her after all that she'd been through? Not me, she was instantly forgiven!

I'm trying to keep the rage I feel inside from reflecting as I write this.But maybe that's what it takes to get the point across. If just one person readsthis letter and thinks twice about 'passing off' their wolfdog because of a few problems, if just one person thinks twice about whether or not they canreally handle the responsibility of keeping a wolfdog, then Timi's suffering willnot have been in vain!

This is for Timi...who is finally FREE!


An additional note from Timi's rescuer :   Timi the wd was 'released' (euthanized) late Monday evening following a final attempt at surgery. The malignacy had spread to her airway and she was having difficulty breathing. I was unable to be with her during the operation, my husband was in surgery at the same time. I had a few minutes with her to say goodbye. She never came out of it, she was just too weak. I deeply appreciate all of the support I've recived from all of you wonderful people, I'm sure Timi does too. Her last months, at least, were good ones. She is finally at peace.

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