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TimberTimber Hi There, My name is Timber. I am 7 months old in these pictures (see below for more recent pics of me). I live in Minnesota now, and am an F3 Alaskan, B.C. Timber x Mal and pheno. Guess that means I am pretty wolfy. I came from Texas to my new home when I was 5 months old.

I have a pretty ok family. Sandy and Dave are the only adults. The kids all call um mom and dad. Then there's the kids. Joe,(13) Corey,(11) Chase,(10) and Justine,(9). I have a couple of playmates. Kelly, who is a year old 1/3, Timber, 1/3 husky, and 1/3 labrador (for a lab, she's pretty ok). Then there is Kelly's mom. She is kind of the boss of us all. She is about 50 timber, and 50 husky. She seems to keep me in line.

Sandy just told the family last night that we are expecting one of my siblings. *((((HOWL)))))* A female. She will be born the begining of April. I am so excited. She will love it here. We get to come in the house and get loved up by all the family. Sandy gets a little nervous about me around the kids, not cuz I would ever hurt them, but cuz of my weight and clumbsyness (shrug) go figure humans. I understand though.

Some of my favorite past times are, taking my owner for a walk, with the other dogs. That's the only time I really get to be the leader of the pack. That Angel, she always tags right next to Sandy's side, Kelly and I like to lead the way.

I love to chew. I just can't help myself sometimes. I am learning that I can't always chew everything. Toilet paper isn't for eating!!! But it's sure fun to play with !! About a week ago, I popped Sandy and Dave's water bed. I didn't know it would pop, I was just chasing a bubble. Sandy came in, and I was drenched. I thought I would never be let in that room again. That's what Dave said anyways!!! Sandy and Dave replaced the water mattress the next day, and I didn't mean to, but I did it AGAIN. This time I wasn't even trying... Honest!! But, I got yelled at and put outside. They replaced it for the 2nd time, and I am good!! They put a foam eggcarton mattress over the water bed mattress, and now I can go back on again. They constantly tell me to be careful though. I try.

Timber, Dave and JustineHere are some pictures of Dave and Justine and Oh, me too!! Ain't I adorable?? Sandy says I have come such a long way, and constantly tells me what a good boy I am. :) Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (wink). I think Sandy understands me cuz she's got 4 children, and I am a kid too, and I am still learning. I just learned how to sit on command, and laydown on command.

My favorite thing is when she holds my treats up, and lets me jump. I accidentally nipped a few times. Once and only once I drew blood. I will NEVER do that again. She got upset, and I knew she meant business. But after a few minutes, she loved me up to let me know she still loves me. GOSH!!

I LOVE THE SNOW here in MN I run and slip and slide around out there like nobody's business. Well, that's all folks :) Thanks for letting me speak my peace. :)

E-mail me if you'd like. I would be glad to chat. Sandy can share some of her experiences with me, to you.

Hi there!! It has been a while since I have updated my page !! So today I have the chance to do so.


I have to tell you, :( My best pal in the whole wide world, Kelly. Well, she isnt with us anymore. She got out of the yard and never came back. Mom called the animal control and tried to find out if they had picked her up (they picked me up the first night we stayed in our new house. NOT A FUN PLACE). They hadn't. :( I howled to try and get her to come home, but she didn't listen. I howled for almost 2 weeks. Later that day mom got a call. Someone had hit Kelly with a car on the freeway, and returned her collar to the police. Mom had to go and get her collar. It was sad for a while, and I still miss her, we all do.:(

Dutchess On a much happier note :) I now have a new playmate!! Her name is Dutchess (we all call her Dutchie Girl). She is a black lab mix.

Mom and Dad took me and Angel with to the Humane Society one day. We walked through the area that they keep all the dog's and I found Dutchess. We took her outside to see if she liked me and to find out if I liked her. It was love at first sight. We play all day long. Man that girl wears me out!! Mom says she is High energy!! She just never quits. She chews on me and is usually right by my side.

Timber in the snow
I am now about a year and a half old.

Mom took me to the vet and he said I weigh 156 lbs. and I am approximately 6 feet on my hind legs!! Just as tall as Dad.

Timber sleeping I love the winter. Its cold and Mom can't get me to come in the house half the time. Don't get me wrong!! I love to keep Sandy warm at night in our bed, But sometimes a guy has to do what a guy has ta do.

But, most of the time I am there to keep her warm. I have my own spot!! Right at the bottom of the bed on Sandy's side. Angel sleeps on Dads side and Dutchess right in the middle up by mom and dads heads. We are a close family!! I love it.

Timber peeking into the window By the way, for those of you that are wondering. NO NO NO I haven't popped the bed, or chewed any furniture up in quite some time. I think it was a phase shrug.

I did get into one thing I wasn't supposed to about a week ago. Justine (10) got a guina pig for Christmas. I tried so hard to resist the temptation, But he always looked at me with them eyes like he wanted to play. So, I took it apon myself to give him a little help. I picked him up and brought him to dad. Mom came running, and he was makeing this noise. Honest, all I wanted to do was help!! I was gentle I swear. Dad was amazed at how gentle I was with him. I didn't hurt him at all. Now I am only allowed in that room to watch the patches with mom or dad there. But I feel so sad that I cant play with him.

Timber Here is a picture of me right after Chase brushed my fur. Don't I look marvelous. I swear, they should put me in the movies!! Well, time for me to go. Just wanted to give you the low down on the family...

Take Care and Big Licks

Sandy, Dave and family are 'owned' by Timber.
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