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our three wolfdogsHere are 2 photos of my wolfdogs. Nakomi and Timber are littermates, low content Wolf/Mal crosses, the little black rascal in the middle is Maya, she is 50% Mackenzie Valley/Malamute/Shep cross. She is a runt, but we don't tell her that, she is only 65 pounds and 21 inches at the shoulders, but she thinks she's just as big as the others!!

Timber has bi-lateral hip dysplasia and is facing surgery in the near future, but currently is being kept pain free with Rimadyl and Synovi-msm. We got Timber at 6 months of age completely unsocialized, so he does not do well with people, his sister Nakomi was obtained at 6 weeks, we socialized her since day one, today she is well adjusted, loves everyone she meets, very mellow and balanced.

MayaThis photo is of Maya covered with ice. The picture was taken on top of Mt. Baldy in So. California!

Little Maya was a rescue. Her mom was kept as a guarddog at a junkyard in Colton, she got lonely and dug out to have a romantic evening with the GSD at the next door junk yard. Anyway, the moron who owned the mom was going to shoot her and her two pups, so my dear friend from Wolf Mountain Sanctuary took mom and pups before he could shoot them. Anyway, mom was a Black-phased Mackenzie Valley Timber Wolf with a smidgen of Malamute mixed in. She was also 10 years old (too old to be having babies, IMHO!!!). The ending to this story is a happy one, everyone found great homes.

All the animals pictured are 'owned' and very much loved by Kerna and Frode Sveen.

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