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Kayla in pool, with Molly looking onKayla (the very high content wolfdog swimming in the pool), and her friend Molly (who is 50% wolf) looking on.

Kayla, whose % is unknown, but if there is any d/dog in her, it's underher tail, can't stay outta the water! During the rainy season, despite thechoice of the house, the back room or dog run, which contains 2 doghouses, shewould roll up in a ball on the lawn & snooze through the rain, no matter howhard it came down. Expect her to torture you to spray her if you've got thehose going. And, when I let her into the pool area, she's air bound thesecond she's through the gate.

I have above ground doughboy that's about 4-1/2 feet high. She bounds up & over, gets the same weird swimmin' look on her face & swims to & fro. When she get tired she stands up w/ her feet flopped over side. I taught her to go up the stairs so she wouldn't rip the sides w/her nails.

It's hilarious. She just pulls herself up those stairslike a person, shakes off & jumps down, tears around the pool, up on sheds,doghouses, thru pampas grass (ouch!), covers a 1/4 acre a 1000 miles an hour &then whamo, back in the pool. She's probably been in there @ least 10 timestoday, but then again, it's 103 degrees.

If my older girl, Molly, could jump like that she'd be in there too. Nevertheless she goes in her kiddie pool in the dogrun that's right next to the water trough, stands w/2 legs in the pool & the other 2 in the other & splashes herself till she's soaked. They love it!

Kayla jumping out of the poolKayla is a beauty & I do have video of her flying into the pool, swimming &climbing up the steps to get out, then jumping down!

Kayla is 3-1/2 years old. I haven't had her that long. A friend who saw her a few months ago and then recently, says she can't believe how much she's changedsince she arrived in March & all the work I've done w/her. She loves to be w/people & look @ everything you're doing.

Her & Mol have turned into bobsi twins, hanging outtogether. Of course, as w/all these animals, there always seems to be growly/ snarlie kinda things that go on. Kayla comes for millions of kisses, hugs,cuddles & snuggles all day long & growls the whole time! She's getting betterevery day (except for the paw thing which keeps my legs looking like I'mconstantly beaten w/a bat!) She's even getting to just run her teeth over theskin on my legs as opposed to sinking them in (ouch!).

KaylaMolly (have had Molly 12-1/2 years) is quite a bit older than Kayla. If she had companion(s) her age to tucker her out every day, she wouldn't be so into torture & thieving.

Oh, yeah, this stinker has been learning how to open drawers & snatching stuff. She's learned how to open bathroom drawers (now bungied) & kitchencabinets (now contain mousetraps) & kitchen drawers!

And, she does really watch the Animal Planet channel!

So tell me... am I the only one who has a nutnick that will watch the Animal Planet for 2 hrs. @ a time from different places in the room, occasionally trying to bite the screen or zooming around back of TV when animal seems to slide off screen?

I tell her "Kayla, TV" & she's in place to watch! Keeps her busy & gives mesome free time but occasionally she gets carried away. Knocked off & brokesome crystal candle holders that were sitting on top of TV!

Kayla and friendShe's got a great personality - a pain in the butt, but a great personality.

She's too friendly; wish she was standoffish like Mol. She's all over company. She's a bit shy around men (hell, we know these animals are smart, LOL!). And, yes, she demands a lot of attention & is pushy. But she seems to be fine w/other animals.

She does not react well to aggression, so got to be careful when reprimanding her. Got 1 living roomchair that I forgot to put the barrier back on over week ago, she's knows it'soff, stands there and vigorously chews a stuffed animal on it, but hasn'tsnuck up there! She went to go up 1 nite & I told her no & she laid down infront of it. Been telling her 'inside' or 'move away' when she's a pest & shegoes.

She just may feel like going, but I think she's listening. Will sit &shake hands. Still will get up on the end of the bed on the old sheet I putthere for her, but I invariably kick her turning over & she grumble growls &gets off & sleeps in her bed or on floor next to my side of bed.

I can't leaveany leather, plastic or good smellin' stuff like perfumes, lotions, shampoos,oils, soap & the like around cause she'll get 'em, chew the tops off, spills'em & then roll in contents. Loves to play tug 'o war w/1 of those biglong knotted toys & has tons of stuffed toys. I always have 1 to hand herwhen I come home so she doesn't use my arm & she makes the weirdest highpitched noise that gets louder & louder cause she's so excited to see me.

Kayla HowlingKayla is a big tease & will howl in a heartbeat, very vocal.

She usually decides to howl horrendously loud @ between 12:30 & 4:30 a.m. most nights, which causes me to jump up, pull on some sort of clothing, race thru house outdoors & talk cutesy to her to get her to stop before she wakes up the neighbors!

But on one ortwo occasions recently, whilst sleeping on the end of my bed (aarrrrgh) shehas gone into that same deep throated very loud howling, causing me to sitstraight up only to discover she's not outside but on the bed & sound asleep!I wonder what a night of uninterrupted sleep is like?????? hhmmmmmm?

Molly never particularly howls @ full moon. In fact, I'm sure she doesn't care. But Kayla on the other hand - there is no doubt that her howling activity is elevated during the full moon.

I even sorta dread the full moon now as I know I'm going to be woken (is thata word???) out of a sound sleep a # of X during the nite & have to tearoutdoors to try to get her to stop. (If I didn't have close neighbors Iwouldn't care - probably would snooze rite thru it!) That's a major pain butin summer when doors are open in back & from bedroom it's a quick in & out &it's warm out. Now doors are closed & it's getting cold @ nite & I don't wantto wake up to shut her up & the thought of getting out of a toasty bed, wrapup in robe, schlep thru house & out into cold @ high speed & she doesn't justdo a 1x howling is not going to be making a very jolly mom mood @ that time ofnite. At least she seems to like staying in all nite since it's been a littlechilly. Wonder if I'll have the strength to survive????? It's questionable!

Molly and Kayla are 'owned' by their Mom!

To contact Mom, e-mail ( ) with 'Kayla' as subject.

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