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My name is Savanna, I will be 2 years old in May 2002.

As you can see I am a high content wolfdog. I am to be mostly Arctic with Mackenzie timber wolf. The dog breed being Malamute.

I lived in a kennel with my Dad and brothers till my new owner Joan came and helped me. I was the runt of the pack and always the last to eat.

I am putting on weight now and becoming more socialized everyday. Still shy, will take a long time to trust humans again. I was bottle fed at 22 days old and returned to my pack, just in time to see my mom pass away.

Savanna and pal
I am kinda lonely being the only wolfie and all. Joan has many doggies to play with so I am not alone, but I have to work hard...Just to get the doggies to trust ME.

I think they read to many "fairy tales" growing up! : )

Savanna Savanna

Savanna is "owned" by Joan Goss.
If you have any questions, contact ( with "Savanna" as subject. We will help anyone getting ready to own a wolfdog. Come back and visit.

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