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Roberta and Cheyenne on a lazy Sunday afternoonI've been "owned" by Hybrids for many years but now have just one, Cheyenne. Cheyenne is 6 years old and is supposedly 85% wolf mostly Mackenzie Valley Timberwolf.

We were just lounging in bed on a rainy Sunday afternoon reading Nick Evans'sThe Loop (fitting subjest and a great read to boot!) when my daughter snuck upand snapped this shot. Priceless!

Unfortunately when Cheyenne was younger and living with our pack we had a problem with neighboring kids shooting at the woofers with BB guns. Even though it's been 5 years she still gets edgy and nervous if anyone points any kind of hand held object at her, which is why the tail flipped up so abruptly like that. For this reason most of the photos of her I have show her either at a distance or sound asleep.

Cheyenne sacked out on the couchI've had Cheyenne since she was very young andshe is way, way oversocialized. I had owned a few Hybrids before her, but nowshe is my only one as I am busy with Anesthesia school. She seems to haveadapted from living on a one acre compound to the city life here in sunnySouthern California while Mom does her residency. We do not know where we willgo post graduation, but we will make sure it's a Hybrid-friendly place.Cheyenne is a big baby and loves the house and going for car rides. She is mybest and special friend.

This photo is one of my favorites, in her favoriteplace in the house besides my bed or under the air conditioner vent. I callthis a prime example of canis lupus mackenzii in its natural setting. Cutepicture!

Cheyenne is "owned" by Roberta Ashley. To contact her, e-mail ( ) with 'Cheyenne' as subject.

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