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Yoshe Makwa

Meet Yoshe and Makwa:

Yoshe is the blonde, Makwa, the brunette.

Yoshe bowing
Yoshe and Makwa are both less than two years old. Each came to live with us when they were four weeks old and since that time have allowed us to stay here.

Yoshe is my thief of thieves. Nothing is sacred to her. Her interpretation of me yelling "that's mine" or "that's NOT yours" means run real fast, but don't growl when you get caught. She is a very loving animal and hardly ever meets a stranger. Yoshe's hobbies include face rubs on the dishrag, redesigning hand soap and shredding toilet paper. She also has a fetish for plastic bags. While outside, she likes to try to jump high enough to snatch squirrels out of trees and prefers to sleep on top of her dog house rather than in it.

Makwa is the baby of the family and a real klutz. He will be two in April. He chose me when he was 4 weeks old. I had a choice between him and his two brothers. However, he had already decided there would be no choice and stayed with me from the moment I saw him.

On the trip home I fixed him a nice bed in the floorboard of the car. That lasted about a mile before he managed to climb up into the seat and in my lap. That is where he rode for the next five hours. Even though he was raised in the same way as Yoshe, he is very shy and standoffish with everyone but me.

Makwa and Yoshe
You know how you get one picture that is absolutely terrible of either your kids or your animals, but you just love it anyway? Well, the one at left is mine. Who could be afraid of animals that looks this goofy? Next time someone says that wolfdogs are dangerous wild animals show them this photo!

Makwa and Yoshe are 'owned' by Pam Thompson.

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