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Missing Maine Wolfdog, Smoky Smoky is missing, your help is needed to bring him back home safely.

Reward offered for 92.5% male timber wolf (6.5% German Shepherd) lost or stolen in the area of Burlington, ME on September 5, 1997.

He answers to the name of Smoky. He is now approximately four years old.

He has white around his jaws and his back is black. The rest of his body has brown, tan and black markings. He has white on his throat and white to tan belly. His tail has a black tip with a few tiny white hairs on the very tip with a few tiny white hairs on the very tip. He also has big yellow eyes with a larger-than-normal triangular head and ears. His tail hangs down straight and never curls up.

Smoky's favorite foods were chicken livers and rice, chicken chews and butterscotch Krimpets from Tastykake. I never fed him raw meat. I home cooked all his meals, even bones. Smoky didn't bark, but can howl quite well. He slept in the house and had lots of toys and stuffed animals. He liked to play wolf games with me and could also communicate with me with body language.

He was originally from Tennessee and could be heading back to the Smoky Mountains, Kodak area of Southeastern Tennessee.

Smoky was a large part of my heart. I've got a large void within myself that I can't fill without him. I need him back in order to get myself back.

Please help by spreading the word to anyone you know involved in wolf/wolfdog or even Northern dog breed rescue in Maine or Tennessee and neighboring states. Let them know about this web page (the URL is, to see a photo of him with contact information.

If you recognize this Missing/Stolen Wolfdog and know his whereabouts, please e-mail
( ).

Or write to:

PO Box 173
Burlington, ME 04417

Thank you for your help.

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