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Hi everyone,
My name is Nikita and I am one of the "Big Bad Wolves" you read about in all the children's storybooks, but please don't believe everything you read!! I really am very sweet (most of the time) just ask my mom!! Her name is Melissa Greene and I live with her along with 3 other pack members Jasmine (don't care for her to much) you see I am the alpha female and Timber, and Dio. Dio is the alpha male and it is "True Love" for him and I.

We live in a 9 ft high one acre enclosure. Its nice, don't know why mom feels it has to be that high, its not like we would try to get out or anything (hehehe) but mom is a little overprotective!! Sorry there are not pics of my pack members, but I am the special one (not really mom just does not have a computer to put the other ones on, my aunt patti put this on of me) Well thats about it it is nap time and I can get alittle grouchy when I get sleepy. Thanks for visiting my picture site.

Howls to ya, Nikita (Kita Sue for short)

To contact Nikita's mom, Melissa Greene, e-mail ( ) with 'wolfdog' as subject.

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