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Merlyn, Cyan, Kestryl

Merlyn and Kestryl playing

Merlyn I have a roaming spirit,
- I love to see what's around.

I am a superb escape artist,
- I can clear six foot fences with a bound.

In short, I'm a real pain in the ass,
- but you'll smile when you look at me.
I am what you seek for in yourself,
- look into your soul and you'll see.

  Copyright ©1996 Meegan Ehrlich.

Merlyn winking Mystic Merlyn (winking at you in this photo) is a 3 year old male wolfdog. I got him from a breeder who was referred to me by a friend who knew that I wanted a wolf (silly me!!). When she met me, she was full of questions... I don't think that she viewed me as a good prospective owner. She talked to me a while, while I watched her pack through the window.

I asked her if I could go out to see the dogs. She warned me that they were a "little" rough and I told her that didn't bother me. Sure enough, no sooner was I through the gate than I was mobbed by five tounges and twenty huge paws. One all-white critter hung back, while the rest mauled me left and right. I had my ears cleaned, my nose polished, and my hair scrunchie (and not a few hairs) removed from my head. Every one was very outgoing and awfully sweet. But she didn't decide that I was okay until her one shy critter decided that she liked me and tried to crawl into my lap.

Merlyn grins After two more hours of talking (drilling the 3rd degree) I was introduced to another critter. A beautiful red husky looking critter with huge yellow eyes, and a belly just as big. She was so sweet I thought she would melt. I told the lady that I had to have a puppy, a male, but the soon-to-be husband would have to approve (he wasn't too keen on the whole wolf thing). Needless to say, Adam (that's the husband) fell in love too.

She sent us home with some magazines and some other info to absorb. And five weeks after he was born (with numerous visits in between) I brought my Mystic Merlyn home...

He is so outgoing, he thinks all company to the house is specifically for him. He's very stubborn, never obedience trained, but does pretty good anyway. He sits pretty good, but other than that I generally just ask. I don't believe in automatons that jump at a moments notice. He does great in public places, but doesn't get over-excited and exhuberant with strangers like he does with company. He's tolerant of small children, but thinks that anything smaller than himself is a toy. Needless to say, I always keep a hand on him.

Kestryl as a pup The same breeder (we got to be much better friends) helped bring Kestryl into my life. My Kes was the only female in the litter, and her Mommy was soon to be fixed. Every time I spoke to the breeder she tried to talk me out of the pup. But Kes-Kes came home with me and there were many times that I wanted to get rid of her. I don't think that I was ready for her. Merlyn is so doggy most of the time, but Kes is a wild child.

I never got her socialized properly so she doesn't go out except for walks and is only comfortable with my sister and myself. But, she is sooo sweet. She has this really corny personality, and likes to try to bring me in her crate with her when I say goodnight.

She sits, pretty good usually, but other than that she follows Merlyn's lead. She has learned so much just by watching us and is very sensitive to voice inflections and even facial expressions. I do not discipline her like I do Merlyn (he gets rolled on occasion), but Kes-Kes, well she is - beyond reproach -.

Kestryl at about 6 months old
Kestryl on the sofa In this photo, we had company... a guy. She's not too partial to men, so she climbed up on the couch and wouldn't come down. I think that she enjoyed the game.

I wanted her because knowing the parents so well, I hoped that she would inherit their personalities and neither one had anything about them that I disliked as far as build, although they are quite different.

Kes is Husky/wolf from Daddy and Mommy is Malamute/wolf. So Kes, well she's about as wolfie as I could ever want!!

Photo of Merlyn and buddy Kestryl playing
Merlyn and Kestryl, lovers Merlyn and Kestryl are great together. They rough-house constantly, playing hide and seek, stalk and jump, and just plain let's chew on each other. They are so attached that when Merlyn is inside, Kes talks to him from her pen and Merlyn always wants to see his "girlie". I would like to think that they are pair-bonded, but who can tell.

It's funny, my life has never been without animal companions, but these guys... if there were two parts of me, they would be one of them. A childhood dream, or maybe it wasn't, linked me to wolf kin, forever. These friends of mine, they aren't animals that depend on me. We give each other the love and support that we know the others need. We ask for things and leave it up to the other to decide if it will happen. I think that is why I have so few discipline problems despite not having really trained either. I don't find that any strong minded independent individual likes to be told anything. That's what these guys are.

New addition to the family, Cyan !  
Kes checking out puppy Cyan Here is the new addition, three days after I got her at five weeks. Kes has to always check her out and be a good foster mom. She is doing so good and is so gentle with Cyan. She gets away with everything around Kes.

Cyan at six weeks At left is Cyan at six weeks. Her eyes are pretty dark, but her daddy's took forever to lighten up to what they are now, so we'll wait and see.

She's full of personality and fun and loves the big fuzzies. Kes loves her right back, but Merlyn isn't so fond. He's already put a nice puncture in her face to let her know. She's much more careful around him now, guess that was the objective, but I don't think that he intended to hurt her so badly.

She's still pretty blase looking, just nice and big boned and strong. She looks a lot like Kes actually, in a puppy sort of way.

Cyan chewing on toys Cyan sniffing a log

Cyan held by her daddyShe's almost 8 weeks old in these pics above.

She loves her rope bone and chew toys I give her, and has done very little innappropriate chewing, course we haven't reached the teething stage yet!!!!

The little rascal loves that log. She is doing her best to reduce it to shavings, but can't do that much damage yet. Just wait!!!!!

She sure looks like she's posing her with the coy little expression on her face. No, that's not a large ape holding her, it's my husband and he makes her look smaller than she is because he's so big. Sorry about the fuzzy chest, but I didn't think about clothing when I took the pic, and here in Florida, any clothing is too much when it starts to heat up.

My babies are my heart, my soul, my sanity, and most of all, my friends.
That's what sharing your life with a wolfdog means.

Kes walks Kes all grown up Kes sleepy Kes howling

Merlyn, Kestryl and Cyan are "owned" by Meegan.
To contact her, e-mail ( ) with 'Merlyn' as subject.

Meegan has also shared more original poetry with us, plus more photos of her beloved wolfdogs. These can be found in Poetry; of Wolves & Humans which is located within the "Wolf Tales" section of The Wolf Dunn.

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