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Celeste Lucius as a pupThis is our wolfdog, "Celeste Lucius". I am an amateur astronomer and to me it means "Star Light". To my knowledge she is 1/16 Malamute X Arctic Wolf. She was born January 15, 1997.

The photo is of Celeste at 2 months old with her Menonite Doll. She is a very sweet animal, I got her at one month old and have hand raised her. I kept her with me 24 hours a day for the first 3 months.

My philosophy is to be kind, respectful, fair and to fill her needs and she has responded in like kind.

One day I was booking a reservation into a hotel for an archaeologist. I hadCeleste with me on a leash, she was 4 months old. All of a sudden she begantugging on the leash. Looking back, I saw that her mane was standing up. She had spotted a concrete bear and was prepared for battle. She circled it, growling and showing her fangs. Then she came up and touched it with her nose. She then became very embarrassed. What a bear is and what to do about it is programmed in as she had certainly never seen a bear before.

David, Celeste, SolomonWe have 5 acres in Washington state. I got a very close to pure maleMinnesota Wolf (Solomon) for a companion he was 2 months younger, he died inhis sleep at 6 months (80 lbs).

This photo is of myself with Celeste and Solomon.

KenaiI acquired his 3 1/2 year old half brother to replace him he is half GermanShepherd and half wolf. He was raised with children and is a fine animal, hisname is Kenai.

Celeste LuciusKenai and Celeste bred, she dug a den and had 7 male pups 2 brown 5 white. They were born February 1, 1998.

Celeste Lucius as a youngsterWe call this pup Little Joe, he was the runt of Celeste and Kenai's litter. He was very laid back and small nobody wanted to take him.

Now he is the best looking and the biggest by far, 100lbs at 7 months old. He has a very good personality and loves living in the pack. This a mountainous area and they take me on very energetic hikes.

Celeste walkingI constructed a habitat for them to live in that is 80'x80',it has earth berms, rocks, stumps, trees and 2 shelters. They are verycontent.

One day my wife Delene went into the habitat and didn't latch the gate.Celeste promptly went over and opened it and left. Seeing her pass by thehouse I grabbed a leash and chain and followed her. They are more like a catthan a dog when it comes to calling them.

My next door nieghbor is a Swiss farmer he has all types of animals. Celeste and I spotted the EMUS at the same time (a new addition.) Two of them came running up to check her out. When they turned and ran away she thought "I must be hunting". She went after them. Wolves do about 35MPH, EMUS do 40MPH taking 9' steps and I do 15 MPH in bursts. She couldn't catch them but they slammed into the fence a couple of times. Then they got away.

The male EMU is the one that sits on the eggs and they are the protectors. He spotted what was happening and went after Celeste. Since he could do 40MPH and she could only do 35MPH, he was pecking her right on the run "LEAVE MY CHICKS ALONE!"She made a beeline right for me "HELP THERE'S ABIRD AFTER ME!!!" The EMU cameright up to me "Should I or Shouldn't I?" He broke it off and I put her collaron and got the heck out of there. She has never wanted to hunt EMU again!

All the animals you see above are "owned" by David & Delene Jennings. To contact them, e-mail ( ) with 'Celeste' as subject.

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