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Lone Wolf Kennels' Maverick

Welcome to Lone Wolf Kennels webpage.

Howdy Ya'll I'm Jerry Mills.
The animals you see here are much loved members of my family. Won't you take a look and let me know what you think ! E-mail me at ( ).

Maverick is a 98% Davidson.

A little about me. I live in deep South East Texas. I am happily married and father of 4 girls ages 27, 22, 18 & 5 yr's old. I have been raising WolfDogs a little over 12 yrs now.

My family raised Appaloosa horses and Quarter horses for years. We had chicken's, ducks, turkeys, cows, horses. In ye ole canine dept., we had Fox Hounds, and Walker Hounds, Black&Tan Coon Hounds. We also kept an incoming outgoing assortment of squirrel dogs, (.cept for the good un's ).

I have had a deep love of animals all my life and can still close my eyes and see all the critters that have passed thru my life. All God's creatures have a soul and will touch yours, If you open your heart. I even hand raised a group of 3 possums one time not to mention a baby Alligator. The last time I seen him was when his 7' self slid out of the flooded pond and into the creek headed for Cow Bayou (thank goodness as he wasn't a sweet lil gator no more!).

In Honor and Love for my ChatoNow for my involvment with Wolves and wolfdogs, as one can imagine as a little feller following his Grandpa thru the woods I had a deeply ingrained sensitivity with nature and wild things. To me the epitome of all that is wild is the Wolf.

Well needless to say we ain't never run across none in the woods, so one day many years later I saw an ad in the paper for a 50% W.D. pup. Some breeder had sold this animal to a college student living in a dorm. She had figured out that this 8 wk old pup was to much to handle ! Well Jerry just about tore the dialer of the phone....... and then there was Chato! WOW ! WOW ! WOW! The begining of a new me! That animal to this day holds credit for the person I have become, he taught me more about animals and being wild, and having to live among humans than any other soul I have encountered in my life.

I lost ole Chato a few months back he lived his whole life as I hope to live mine. He was dedicated to his cause. He was a loving Father and a kind Heart. He also took crap from nobody, but gave everybody a chance. Chato was for real ! He did not mince words he possessed a presence that words can never tell. He was the reason I moved forward and well ya'll know the rest and here at Lone Wolf Kennels that is how it is today. I HONOR his memory.

Maverick All my loving animals are raised with patience and understanding.

They are encouraged to be what they are and have their own mind about things. I require them all to have manners and not to jump up, scratch or nip. I also require them to be leashable and to be handled at will. I also require them to STAY IN THE ENCLOSURE ! They have Large enclosures up to and including an acre. They are very happy in their homes and so far have not been too much trouble, excuse me a sec..... yep they are still in there !

My goal in breeding is to provide to other people the kind of friend that will complete their lives, not to mention completeness of Hearts. My goal has been and always will be to breed an animal with a Healthy Stable mind and a physicaly healthy complete anatomy. In my opinion one can not exist with out the other. Healthy bodys, healthy minds and a free spirit. That's what comes from Lone Wolf Kennels.

This is my reason for being here. I just hope that I can give back in some way the Love and completeness of Spirit that my animals have given me !

Puppies at 5 weeks of age

These cute little fellas' ears are just starting to stand up. They're all males, have the sweetest temperaments and will make their new owners very happy. I sure hope to see photos of these boys as they mature, they will be stunning like their parents
Noah (F2 83% Alaskan and B.C.Timber x mal) and Coushatta (pheno.75%) below.

Noah Coushatta Noah

Denali, Noah's sister Maya, Denali's daughter  This is Noah's sister, Denali.

 Below are two of her pups from last year.
 She was bred with Coushatta's brother
 Warlow. The pups are Maya (black) and
 Tonka. They are also very well mannered
 and well socialized.

  Tonka, Maya's sister

Shawnee Shawnee just finishing a soda pop Shawnee at 8 months

 This is Shawnee. She is also Noah's sister.

 She is just finishing off a glass of Mountain
 Dew. The only soft drink she likes. She
 drinks from a cup and ...BURBS !

 She is very social and attends a regular
 spring curriculm at the area elementary
 schools. She is a very well mannered
 animal to people that is.

Kachina sleeping Kachina bottlefeeding

 Two photos of Kachina

Maverick Puppy Maverick

Deva and Maverick Puppy Maverick This is Maverick at 3wks & of course him now with his mate Deva (upside down), whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

He is hand fed meat everyday. He is polite and mannerly most all the time. He does have his "Hey don't you know I am a Wolf! days (grin)" He is a very sweet and calm fellow. He is also quite the clown.

Hope you enjoyed !

All the animals you see here are 'owned' by Jerry of Lone Wolf Kennels.
To contact him, e-mail ( ).

Lone Wolf puppies

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