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Puppy Akima Let me introduce you to my Owner, Akima !

She was born on Nov. 27th of 1999 and is Husky wolf mix. She came to be our owners on Feb 1st of 1999 and was 9 weeks old. My father had just passed away a few weeks before she came to reside with us and quickly warmed my heart up again.

I had not had a Dog since I was a teenager and forgot how much work Dogs were, let alone these great creatures we love called Wolfdogs. So I instantly got on the computer and started to search for info and guidance. I wanted to do good by her and make sure we would both be happy and healthy. I found Wolf Dunn and have learned MOUNDS since joining the Wolfdoglist.

Well, back to Akima. She is now a happy and healthy 11 month old girl (her birthday is coming soon). She doesn't weigh as much as we expected, but that is fine with us. She is now about 43lbs.

She loves ALL, but the cat doesn't understand the mouth over the neck thing. Since our oldest cat Sting, died a few months back (who was the protector of the remaining one, Misha) Akima now chases Misha on a constant basis. She just wants to play, but the cat really isn't in the mood for the slobber neck game.

Akima tugging on poppa's pant leg
Pappa, where ya going? Can I come? Huh, huh?

We have all bonded pretty close. When John leaves the house she sits at the door and wines for awhile. I used to get jealous, until one day John said she did the same thing when I leave. If she could have it her way (which she does most of the time) the three of us would never leaves each others side.

Just last month we took her to her first Art and Wine festival. She did GREAT!!! When people would stop and stare, we would talk openly about her. MOST were in awe and had no apprehension about her at all. The kids would fight over her to get a closer. She had no problem with the attention from the kids. She loves them. (So far) We are hoping to educate more people in our area, so WD's will not be consider the BIG BAD WOLF.

Someday we would like to open a rescue ranch for WD and other animals in need. But until we are able to buy some land, we will keep our family on the small side.

Akima sitting on futon Akima snuggling on the bed
Here she is at about 6 months.

Akima, October 2000


And this was taken just recently.


Lisa and John are owned by, Akima.

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