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Sequoia & Samson
Sequoia I have more than one wolfdog... I have six.

My big white males name is Samson and he is huge! His mate is Sequoia. Both are very high percentages both Samson and Sequoia had a 100% parent and a very high percentage other parent.

My wolf dogs are much more on the wolf side of things than the dog side. They really don't like strangers at all but are great with my family.

We all live together on 5 acres in western WA. They have plenty of room to run on our property.

Samson Our other four babies are Samson and Sequoia's pup's. I say that they are pups but at 9 months they are almost as big as the parents are.

They are Chochese, Tristin, Lakota II and Cheyenne. Three males and one female.

Rather than place the others in homes we were not comfortable with or people we were not positive could handle or raise them with lots of love and attention we decided to keep the four pups and raise them our selves.

Chochese, Tristin, Lakota II & Cheyenne
Tristin Cheyenne
Cochese Lakota

These six wolfdogs are "owned" by Kevin and Margaret Leppla.
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