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Teka as a puppy Teka was born sometime in Jan. 1998. The breeder didn't say exactly how much wolf is in her, but he seemed to think it might be as much as 75% (the rest being husky). She was one of 9 puppies. Both parents and all the grandparents are Wolfdogs. Beyond that I was not told what her lineage is. The grandparents were brought down from Alaska to CA. as pups about 20 years ago.

The first picture was taken with a digital camera when Teka was about 8-10 weeks old.

The second picture was taken on a backpacking trip in the Lake Tahoe area. She was about 10 months old at that time. Watching her on that trip was like being a witness to pure joy in motion. Running and playing with other dogs is what makes her happiest and being able to watch her run makes me smile everytime. It's amazing that an animal can have such a combination of grace, speed and agility. She adores Astro our 7 year old black male Lab. He is extremely tolerant of her antics and if he didn't love her he wouldn't put up it. She chews him constantly.

Teka at 10 months of age around the Lake Tahoe area I knew literally nothing about WD's when I got her, but I grilled the Breeder for all the info. he had, which unfortunately wasn't all that much compared to the info. I am now finding on the Net.

I'm also quite disappointed that he didn't grill me about my knowledge, attitude, experience and commitment, as it appears that anyone selling WD's should do. He obviously was just out for the money and that makes me mad. I could easily have been someone who didn't have the patience or wasnt ready for the commitment. But fortunately Teka has turned out just great.

Teka in 1999 With the exception of her shyness of strangers, she hasnt inherited any of the difficult or negative qualities that some WD's possess. Like many WD's she will sit still for what seems like hours when you are scratching, petting and giving her attention. She frequently demands that you pet her by pawing at you until you give in. Her sweetness is her best quality.

She's only about 70 lbs. and doesnt appear to be getting any bigger, which has earned her the nickname "Pocket Wolf". Both our canids have the run of the entire yard and Teka loves to dig and "prune" the trees for me. She's etched a race track into the ivy as she screams around the back yard behind tree's and around the shrubs. They both are inside whenever we're home and sleep next to our bed at night.

Teka is "owned" by Kurt Jensen.
To contact him, e-mail ( ) with 'Teka' as subject.

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