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Kiche at 8 months

Kiche's Stats:

110 Pound Male
33 inches at wither

B-Day: Jan 6, 1997
Name?: pronounced with a long "i"...
kinda like "Kite" but with a hard "CH" stuck on the end (this name is borrowed from within a Jack London novel)
Also Answers To: Kicho, Kicharoo, Punkin, and Food
Place o' Birth: Wyoming
Current Home: Montana
Registered With: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Vaccinated Against: Rabies, DIS, HEP, LEP, PAR, PARV, COR
Fav Food: prefers Fish, Cheese, and crackers, but enjoys all organic and inorganic matter
Fav Toys: water, water sprinklers, water hoses, little plastic pools, squeaky toys, ropes hanging from tree branches, our crab apple tree (poor little tree), socks, elk femur bones, and most recently, CHICKENS (BAD Kiche!)
Fav Game: Tug of War, but we try not to encourage that
Fav River: Madison
Fav Canine: Bruin, a newfoundland/lab cross
Fav Excursions: Going to the river, Christmas tree hunting, and to his favorite Vet

Kiche the Icedog fan! Fav Hockey Team: The Bozeman Icedogs (see photo !)
Injuries/Colds: a dog bite and an upper respiratory infection
Hobbies: Renovating garden into den (heck, who likes veggies anyways?), pruning the trees
Criminal Record: Plead guilty to helping Bruin eat five of the neighbor's chickens... an isolated incident
Things He's Devoured That We Wish He Hadn't: couch (arm and cushion), doghouse, chunk of the lawn, crab apple tree, raspberry bushes, all the ripe strawberries (he always gets 'em first), hats, socks, jeans, coats, shoes, watches, gloves, bike seats and tires, carpet, chairs, crayons, markers, pens, drawings, picture frames, our pet bird, the coffee table, a tarp, a tent, the park bench, rugs, congoleum, tupperware, cassette tapes, hoses, rakes, shovels, the christmas tree, chili
Enclosure: while family is at work -- Kennel, 6 ft high cedar w/ 2 PADLOCKED gates (else neighborly children like to let him out to "play" which is no good for the chickens), about 1400 square feet, including space under deck, which is good for hot summer days; while family is home -- fenced back yard, not too big, not too small, mostly 6 ft high cedar, except for a 3 ft high section in the front, which he DOES NOT climb or jump over... Kiche sees a fence and doesn't even attempt escape... in his mind Gates are the only way out
Water Dish: 6 ft diameter plastic Kiddie Pool... only way to be sure he always has water, since he tips over most other things... AND it keeps him occupied
Biggest Fascinations/Amusements: the ceiling fan, people floating by on rafts, things under rocks, and dogs belonging to the "Toy" group
He Wonders: why strangers no longer squeal and smother him in hugs and kisses like they did when he was a puppy.

Kiche at 8 weeks Kiche playing deadTo the left is a photo of Kiche when she was a cute fuzzy little 8 week old pup. The very first photo above is of Kiche at 8 months of age, still fuzzy and still very cute.

Kiche wears that orange harness only as a precaution against being shot. I worry that someone might mistake him for a coyote, so I like to make it obvious that he's someone's "pet." He does have a real sled dog harness that he uses during the winter. Kiche isn't exactly "lead dog" material, but he does have his "gees" and "haws" down.

Kiche is "owned" by Elizabeth.

To contact her, e-mail ( ) with 'Kiche' as subject.

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