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Kea & Fang
These are my wolf-dogs. The gray one is Wild Fang and the darker one is Kea. They are two weeks apart in age, around eight months old in these pictures. Both are around 28 inches tall.

Kea loves every one but Fang only comes to me, my wife and oldest son. He never was handled before I got him. They are nothing like dogs, more like cats... they come to you when they want to.

I got them from bad breeders that lied. They were 6 and 8 weeks old at the time. Kea was always heathy and friendly, but Fang was wild and sickly and was in a little cage full of crap. I put my hand in to get him out of the cage and he bit me several times, but that was from fear. It took a couple of months before he really bonded close with us. We had to make several trips to the Vet, and one night stayed up giving him gatorade. He was dehydrated didn't think he would make it through the night.

Below are more pictures of Fang and Kea at 8 months. Kea the female is the dark one, Fang the male is the gray. In my opinion they are different from dogs but I love them alot.

Kea Fang and Kea
Fang in the house Fang and Kea exploring their first snow

The animals you see here are "owned" by Carson Helmandollar.
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