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Nikki as a puppy with my German Shepherd
Life with Nikki is very fun - she is busy all the time. She spends the day either in the garage or running in the 48 x 200' fenced in area I have for her and her 3 buddies: Shane- Collie, Dakota- Rottweiler, Lady- German Shepherd (pictured).

She craves the attention of the other dogs. If they growl at her and try to push her away she only tries harder for their acceptance. She is whines and licks at their faces and she will keep getting lower and lower. If they keep growling she will drop to the ground in front of them and cry.

She tears up stuffed toys- takes my trees down limb by limb and is smart enough to turn the long branches the right way to get them into the garage through the dog door. She howls and whines when she sees me or just wants to tell me something.

Nikki in the garage This is Nikki at 5 months of age.

When we go to the barn every morning and every night she runs in circles around the horses and then chases the cats and climbs on the hay bales-scoots over to the chicken coop to check them out and then peers into the rabbit enclosure -- goes and scarfs up some horse poop and makes her rounds again.

She is very loving and likes to hug me by wrapping her front legs around my leg or arm or body and then she lays her head down on me. She is a sweetheart.

Nikki in her kennel crate Nikki is 50% Siberian Husky, ?% Malamute and ?% wolf.

I was told the dad was 95% wolf but I know the dad is not like the guy said he was. I may believe 95% Malamute and 5% wolf but not what he said. The sad part is he is selling them not for what they are. He had papers on his male but anyone could write up a paper stating wolf heritage.

Nikki does exhibit behaviors that my other dogs don't such as fear of different places, if something new is in her area -- loud noises, etc., even a leash makes her start throwing herself around for a few minutes and then she calms down. She does howl but so do the northern breeds. I guess I believe if she has anything in her other than the northern breeds its very low content. So whatever she is it doesn't matter.

I love her dearly and she is a very special girl.

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