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Arizona at 5 weeks, howling Let us introduce you to Arizona WahKu Blue. She is approximately 45 to 48 percent, F2, BC/Timber and the rest German Shepherd.

She is the love of our life and has been since I first held her at 10 days old.

We were well schooled before we brought her home and she has taught us so much more. Our life style has changed drastically since bringing her home but we are not complaining.

This is one of my most favorite shots. She was five weeks in this picture (at right).

She was a singer at and early age and we are happy that she continues to howl daily.

She even likes to entertain. Even though she is shy she loves all the praise from other campers when she sings her morning and evening songs for them. She loves her popup camper. I think maybe because she has all of our attention.

Arizona and The Bug
It's amazing how curious she is. We consider ourselves so very lucky because of the wolfie traits she kept from her dad.

She is also an established thief. I think its more of a come and get me game.

Arizona snoozing on the couch
This is one of her favorite sleeping positions on her favorite loveseat.

She is lazy it seems most of the day. She usually cranks up in the early evening and especially on cold mornings.

Arizona in her wading pool
She loves water. We went thru several of these this past summer. We finally got smart and got her a galvanived swimming pool.

She has a companion dd that is alpha and keeps her in her place. She also resides with 2 cats and 2 humans. Our little pack seems to be perfect.

Arizona at 6 months of age
At six months we knew she was gonna be a looker and a tall one at that. The one thing that she did get from her mother are her ears.

We also feel pretty lucky that all of our furniture is still in one piece. We gave her plenty of toys to keep her occupied. It also helps to have a human at home all the time too.

Arizona on a camping trip in New Mexico
This picture was taken in New Mexico where we just finished a vacation. She had a great time.

All the campers would drive by very slowly and just stare at her. She was in heaven with lots of new digging places.

At eleven months now she is 33-1/2" at the shoulders and weighs in at 70 Pounds.


Arizona is "owned" by Karen and Lynn.
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