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Lobi, Siberian Husky My story with hybrids is very funny. I have always wanted to own a wolf, but everyone kept telling me that I couldn't. That is why I got Lobi, my Siberian Husky. Lobi was born August 7, 1994. She loves to go for a ride in the car. She is intelligent and super affectionate.

Lobi, the oldest of the bunch, stays in the house. She is very obedient unlike the Hybrids I have. I enjoyed training her and although I tried just as hard with the hybrids I now know the difference between training of a dog as opposed to the hybrid. A hybrid you try to teach what you can and accept what you get. But don't get me wrong, my Saber and Shawnee are the greatest and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Lobi was the closest thing to a wolf that I knew of. The malamute was nice also, but the eyes was what caught my attention of the husky. Sure enough after getting Lobi I discovered hybrid wolves, what a discovery huh. Well, after speaking with a few people about them I fell in love with the wolf hybrid.

Sabertooth In 1996, I purchased my first hybrid, almost 2 years after I bought Lobi.

Sabertooth was born April 18, 1996. As a new hybrid owner I really had to learn a lot. Let me start by telling you that I tried to make him a house dog, even though the person I purchased him from assured me that would probably not be possible. I tried anyways. Shortly after purchasing him, Lobi was having a litter of puppies. I had welping box in my room with 7 puppies, Lobi, and Saber. Between the puppies and Saber they ate my bed. As the puppies started going to different homes, I was left with just one puppy, Saber, and Lobi. Since they had already ate my bed, he must have thought that the living room was next. I don't have to tell you how long we were without any furniture in the living room.

Logan By this time, the puppy that was left I named Logan. I tried to find him a good home but the first person I took him to wanted to use him for attack. Although, he is my low percentage he is to much of a woozy to attack any body. The other person sounded really good for him. He had 3 acres, but when I asked where he was going to put Logan, he said he was going to tie him to a tree until his 11 year old dog died.

Needless to say I still have Logan and now he is one of the pack. Logan was born July 7, 1996. He is out of Lobi and a white hybrid.

Shawnee Two years later, I purchased another hybrid named Shawnee. She was born April 17, 1998. She is very dominant natured. She is a little skittish with strangers, but will warm up to some people pretty good. Saber on the other hand has never seen a stranger. Shawnee loves to splash water everywhere. It is funny, but she does not like taking a bath.

Saber and Shawnee have their own enclosure. It is 22 by 40 with a sand box and tunnels to run through. Logan stays on my side yard which is 15 by 40 with access to the house as well. I think my dogs are spoiled, but if you have a dog you should give it the best that you can.

Saber closeup at the water bucket

Sabertooth is the brown and cream grizzled one. In this photo he is 2 and a half years old.

He is a high % hybrid. My friends tell me that I probably have the best wolfdog in Florida. He is so gentle and cuddly. He doesn't know a stranger. He loves everyone to go in the pen with him and pet him. He will even wait for food instead of jumping at me like Shawnee does. She is just crazy.

Shawnee looking Shawnee the black phase female is now almost 2 years old.

She is often the initiator of play. She is hyper and loves to bug my other dogs. As for her % I would just call her a high % hybrid.

Logan Logan is my low % hybrid. He is only 30%, but I love him just as much. He is a little weird in personality. He can be friendly and at the same time timid. It depends how he feels. He is Lobi's pup, and he will also be 4 this July.

Lobi Lobi, my Siberian Husky is my favorite. She will be 6 next August.

She has been my trainer for all these monsters. I take her everywhere I take my hybrids and she kind of shows them how to behave. Not that they ever behave anyways.

Photo of Sabertooth and Shawnee playing around with a toy.
Sabertooth and Shawnee tussling over a toy

All the animals seen here are "owned" by Juan Echagarrua.

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