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Commanche and Amorak This photo is of Commanche and Amorak, two rescues.

The first WD came into my life in the winter of 1998, shortly after my wife of 20 years died suddenly of a heart ailment. Commanche came into our lives (one son and daughter live with me) at the right time.

He was a pup that was left stranded with several others, along with the mother along the dirt roads behind us. It did not take us long to realize he is a special guy, in many ways.

Apache Amorak

The second WD was added, Apache, by my son who thought he needed a dog. He is pictured at left.

At about the same time a WD rescue friend of mine, who I told to look for a companion animal, called and stated she had a beautiful white high content arctic. I fell for what I would rename Amorak and he was added to the "pack".

Three Couch Potatoes


All the WD's are male and they get along great. They chase each other through the yard and have a great time together. I also have one sheltie and one small "benjie" type dog.

I am a runner and take four of them out with me running, the three WD's on a leash, which is quite a challenge, the weak and unbalanced should not try this.

They often times sleep like that, lined up on the couch, leaves the floor for me!!

Commanche and Amorak


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