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Akiah close up Akiah - in this closeup shot of Akiah, she is one month shy of 2 years old - she poses rather well. You can see her pretty markings. Her eyes are a medium gold color with a black pupil - when she stares at you, it's like she sees into your soul.

She came from Casa Lobo Kennels, and is Alaskan Interior/Alaskan Tundra & Malamute. She gets alot of looks when we take her somewhere because of her appearance. She has bonded with me - when we got her at 4 weeks, I began hand feeding her. I still hand feed her now. She is one spoiled little girl.

She has never been obedience trained, but minds fairly well. She is housebroken, and will walk on a leash with a no-pull halter. In this picture, and the others here, she weighs about 85 pounds, and is VERY strong. She lives with us (Andy & Carol) and 7 other pack members, 2 of which are "normal" dogs. They (the dogs) learned quickly how to "run with the wolves".


This is Chato - he's a White Shepherd/Wolf mix, about a mid-percenter. He has bonded with Carol, and lives for her attention.... he 's really a big baby. Sort of like Baby Huey. It's nothing at all to see this big bozo trying to get in Carols lap.

In this shot, he is one month shy of 2 years old and has just reached 100 pounds. As you can imagine, he is VERY strong, and without the No-Pull Harness, can tow me around with very little effort. He dominates Akiah, but in turn is dominated by Thundar, another male.

This one is ThunDar - he's the product of a backyard breeder. His info claims he is almost 3/4 "Makenzie", but we have our doubts. If anything he would be a low to mid, mixed with alot of Malamute. He has some Wolfy traits, and some wolfy coloring, but he also shows alot of Malamute.

Carol is his pack leader, and he likes to spend time with her at home. He's also very protective of her, and anything he has made claim to. His position in the pack probably is a second "Alpha". Everyone submits to him, except Wiley - a little overweight Keeshond (see his photo at bottom of page).

Willia This is Willia - she's a rescue from the County A.C. We have no idea what she is or what she's mixed with, but she sure looks wolfy to us. She sings with the rest of the pack, so she's got some wolf in her.

All we can determine about her is that she may have been abused by a man - if anyone see's someone that looks like me, ask him if his name is Andy, and if it isn't, hit him with a big stick, because I'm the only one she's afraid of. Carol can hand feed her and rub her face at this point, but she won't come near me. When I go in the kennel, she's shows no aggression, just cowers behind her house & loses all control of herself. Hell, I may go looking for the #$%%@ that did this.

As you can see, she's a gorgeous animal. We've been working with her for about 10 months now, and won't give up.


This is one of Storm - another product of a backyard breeder. She and her sister Lytning are 3 years old. They are littermates, but two more different animals you will never see!

Stormy, seen here, looks like a small German Shepherd. I really think the "Breeder" was pulling someones leg when he said "These are mostly Wolves"! In fact, I'm sure of it..........Oh well, she's a nice dog & we like her.


This is Lytning, Stormy's sister (I Didn't name them - Carol did!) As you can see, they look alot different.... Lytning has a lot of wolfy coloration, and looks nothing like Stormy - she also has "flop ears"... they never stood up like Storms.

All the critters pictured on this page are Neutered and Spayed.... no pups here! Storm & Lytning were altered at the same time - for some reason poor Lytning got a little "rounder" than Stormy...

Like Stormy, she's here for the duration, and she enjoys TV, Airconditioning, Carpeting etc... along with all the rest of them.


This is Moose.....on his last day....He was a rescue, & a suspected WD.

He enjoyed 18 years worth of carpeting, color tv & air conditioning. We still miss him. He waits for us at the Rainbow Bridge along with Samantha, a St. Bernard/Lab, Sheba, a Shep mix, & many other creatures, great and small that have crossed our path over the years. They, and others wait for the day when we can all be together again...

Huff and puff and blow the door down...

Here's Akiah & Chato looking into the kitchen.... yeah guys, that's where the food is....

The white sign on the door reads:

"Emergency Food Spill Containment Team - To Activate, Open Door, Step Back Quickly!"

And yes, they are on the landing behind what's left of a dutch door..... Big puppies!

Chato close up and personal

HEY! If I can't eat any more trucks, can I eat the camera??? Can I have it? I PROMISE I'll give it back...

You are getting sleepy

Look deep into my eyes.... you are getting sleepy...verrrry sleepy...the big hamburger in your hands is getting verrrry heavy...too heavy to hold.... you must drop it on the floor....

Akiah on a cable reel

Akiah again - she's standing on an 8 foot phone cable reel.

In the background, you can see the 8 x 8 foot gate we built to keep them safe.

Wiley, the Wolfspitz
This one is Wiley..... he's not a Wolf Dog - He's a Keeshond rescue.... but he is the undisputed king of the pack. He took no lip from any of the others, and for some reason, they all respected that. I guess Attitude rules. Wiley, 1978-2001.

All the animals seen on this page are 'owned' by Andy and Carol.

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