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The Wolf Dunn was created for you as a resource of information on Hybrid Wolves (Wolfdogs).

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Wolfdog FAQ Wolfdog FAQ Wolfdog FAQ
Wolfdoglist member responses to Frequently Asked Questions about wolfdogs.

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Photo Gallery

Get to know some 'owners' and animals through their stories in our photo gallery.

Wolf Tales
Wolf Tales
Wolf & Wolfdog Information and Educational resource section.

Hybrid Wolf Mailing List aka. Wolfdoglist
Dedicated to discussion of issues related to wolf x dogs, responsible ownership, and breeding practices.

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The Wolf Dunn plays on the words Dunn and Den. Wolves excavate dens to give birth and raise a litter in. A Wolf Dunn is a place where ideas are born and grow.

This website was started in response to a request for a friendly online location where 'owners' of wolf-dog crosses can share experiences, photos, advise and information about these magnificant creatures. Here at The Wolf Dunn, it's your turn to howl!

Hybrid Wolves, Wolf-Dog Crosses, Wolfdogs, by our definition are canines of 'recent' wolf heritage. As Canis lupus (wolf) and Canis lupus familiaris (dog) are the same species, "hybrid" is an inaccurate outdated term. It is most appropriate to refer to more recent wolf x dog crosses as 'wolfdogs'.

Whether your furry companions are higher or lower in content, does not matter so much to us, as do your feelings towards your animals.

This web site was created by
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The word Kwewu means 'wolf' in Hopi Indian. I don't speak the language, it's just my way of expressing my love of wolves.

From our FAQs:
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Education, Information & Unique Expressions
( found within the Wolf Tales section of The Wolf Dunn ).

Featured Section:
Wolfdog Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about wolf-dog crosses include everything from where the 'wolf' comes from, behavioral issues, training techniques, veterinary concerns, responsible breeders, containment requirements and more. Visit our Wolfdog FAQ.

Nic Wilde, author of WHATEWolf Hybrid Awareness Through Education
Nicole Wilde's online package details the ins and outs of wolf hybrid "ownership". Examining everything from the genetic, physical, and behavioral traits of wolfdogs, to the day to day considerations of keeping these animals as pets. Nicole contributes personal advise and information on what you need to know before buying a puppy.

Heavy guage materials prevent chew-throughsWolfdog Containment Solutions
'Owners' show how it can be done! Responsible wolfdog ownership entails having appropriate containment fencing for your animals. This photo-guide shows a variety of fencing types for safely and adequately housing wolfdogs in large or small kennels, pens or enclosures, without the use of chains or aerial cable runs. Mostly-wolf to mostly-dog, no chained animals here !
(Work In Progress)

Wolfdog visiting VA Hospital Working Activities with Wolfdogs
A unique new section showing a variety of activities 'owners' and their wolf-dogs engage in. From ambassador wolves in schools, to therapy animals interacting with ill or elderly patients in hospital settings. Onwards to working-dog competitions, weight pulls, and canine packing in the backcountry.
(Work In Progress)

- "Creative" Heritage Claims (misrepresentation)
Poking fun at the wacky "creative" heritage claims breeders use to attempt to legitimize un-known lineages. Going way beyond the usual misrepresentations of dogs as wolves, included in this tounge-in-cheek educational tool are the hilarious Louisiana Swamp wolf, Buffalo wolf, and Black Russian wolf. Coming soon: Black Arctic, Mountain wolf, and the ever-popular MacKenzie Valley and Red wolf claims.

Special Message
Candy Kitchen Logo
Be sure to check out the amazing wolves & wolfdogs of Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch

Saarloos WolfhondsWolfdog & Wolf-like Dog Breeds
In the U.S., most of our wolfdogs are some combination of wolf subspecies and dog breeds, in a variety of content ranges. In general, our animals are wolfy-mutts. However, there are certain lineages which have been selectively bred for multiple generations with the intention of creating stable new breeds. Others incorporate non-recent wolf inheritance to improve existing dog breeds, and some focus on developing wolf-like dog breeds. This section is a celebration of those accomplishments. Plus, a showcase of two fully regognized European wolfdog breeds, the Saarloos Wolfhond and the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog !

Jeri using drop spindleTurn Wolf Shed Fur into Yarn
Jerilyn Monroe shares her secrets of carding and spinning her hybrid wolf's undercoat into yarn; a four-part series demonstrating the process in 13 photos.

Click here to see more photos of Wolfdogs

- Poetry; of Wolves and Humans
Wolf and wolf-dog related poems. You are welcome to share your poetic expressions here too. Keep Howlin' !

- Non-Internet Addresses and Resources
A listing of contact addresses for wolf and wolfdog magazines, newsletters, organizations, clubs and facilities. Many of these listed here do not have web sites, but those that do are also listed at our separate Links Page (visit both).

The Wolf Dunn's - Wolf Tales Bookstore graphic

Wolf Tales Bookstore
An amazing collection of must-have Wolf & Wolfdog books, children's stories and wolf-related videos available for purchase through Discover our recommended reading books on wolves and wolf-dog crosses, and many more. Titles carried include "Living with Wolfdogs", "Wolfdogs A to Z", "Above Reproach", "Captive Wild", and the classic wolf bible "The Wolf: The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species".

Wolf Dog Coalition - rabies vaccine approval for wolves and wolf-dog crosses

Shiva Howl The Howling Session Shiva Howl
It's your turn to howl ! Contact us, express yourself, ask questions !

Meet Other 'Owners'
Who are wolf and wolfdog owners? Howl with us in our survey to find out.

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