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Twosocks Twosocks is 50% timber (his dad was the wolf, all black) and 50% alaskan malamute.

I chose this pic to have scanned because I call this his "proud look" a look I wanted to capture. Hope you like the pic.

Twosocks and Dean on the beach Twosocks and his alpha human Dean (I don't like being called his owner) enjoying the ocean air.

We live about 200 yards from the beach and take daily walks to do some beach combing. He acts like he's king of the beach, and wants to meet every human and dog that walks the sands.

Twosocks Twosocks and I have been together since August 1997- he is a three year old male and was raised as a sled dog in northern Maine among his pack of wd's and malamutes. At the age of two, the sled team had to be broken up because of a job relocation in NH. Jim, his previous owner, kept only Twosocks because he was the most passive and docile one of the pack. Jim had to relocate again in August and he knew how much I loved Twosocks and turned him over to me. He has been a blessing to me ever since.

Everyone who meets Twosocks falls in love with him... his beauty, his warm, loving personality, his gentleness touches everyone's heart. Sure he can get pretty destructive when left alone for too long, you should see the interior of my last car. He loves to ride in cars and goes everywhere with me - riding proud with his face in the wind.

I have felt a spiritual bond with the wolf since I was a young that bond with my buddy has increased to the point that my family and friends say I'm obsessed with wolves...maybe I am. I do not like being referred to as his "owner" rather his alpha human, for we all belong to the earth equally and spiritually. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

A friend of the Wolf

To contact Twosocks' alpha human, e-mail Dean at ( ) with 'Twosocks' as subject.

Wolf, you were free, you were hunting in the sun.
Long before man arrived, you were nature, you were young.
Then we came and survived, we were brothers side by side
In the days of the arrow, in the days of the bow
In the days of the spirit, not too long ago.

Wolf, you were seen, by the fathers of our dream
And the hunt you engaged was the bluprint for our age.
Then we learned and we burned with desire to know more
In the dawn that was man's, they hunted o'er the plains.
Still the wolf pack set the pace, when the fire was just a flame.

Wolf where are you in the lower forty - eight?
Once you ran through the woods of the Eastern seaboard states
Now you're gone from the woods, from the mountains, from the plains;
They are filled with the still of a vanishing frontier,
They are broken by the blade, tilling all we once held dear.

John Gladstone (Blackfeet Indian)

- A Society of Wolves, McIntyre, R., Voyager Press, Inc, pp 116

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