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Woofhouses, Dogcabins & Shade Roofing
Shelter from the Elements

Vicki Spencer's log cabin woof houseMy log cabin dog house was easy to make, and they are real good for animals who like to chew up their houses.

You just use landscape timbers and bolt them to the concrete with heavy anchors. You have to cut the bottom row or the first course so they fit in a square and then you just over lap each corner of every other log in the opposite direction and use about 5 in. lag screws to attach them to each other.

After bolting the first timbers to the concrete, the next timber gets laid on top of the first and bolted to it with 5" lag bolts and the third gets bolted to the second with lag bolts and so on. I first pre-drilled a smaller pilot hole for the lag bolt.

As for the roof, the timbers get laid across the top and also bolted down with lag bolts. I am planning on using some black caulk or some expanding foam. I still have to finish the roof to make it completely water proof.

Vicki's Shade roof

Shade roof over a fenced concrete area.

A good way to make shade if you don't have enough is to use the reed fencing over the econo fencing or chainlink.


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  Vicki Spencer, Your Wildest Dreams

Vicki's Kennel in Garage

This is a kennel installed in my garage. It is only 3 sided and it is attached to the wall with U-shaped metal clamps that people use to hold pipes on the wall. I attach those to the wall with tapcons. The kennel is not bolted to the floor.

I don't like to let them run the yard at night. I sleep better knowing they are protected in their night-pen or in the garage. They have a dog door they can use to go inside if they want. They usually sleep in there in the summer cause I turn the air on for them.

It is also a protection from anyone in the middle of the night trying to turn them loose or maybe feed them something I wouldn't even want to think about.

Dunn's summer woofhouse This is our ventilated 7' x 4' x 4' doghouse big enough for 2 adult wolfdogs to curl up in, meant for summertime use. Panelling and insulation can be added for winter.

Materials used:
2x4" lumber (floor, walls, roof)
4x4" pressure treated posts
1" plywood floor
3/4" plywood roof
1/2" plywood walls
roofing paper and shingles
metal drip edge

Gravel was spread about 6 inches thick on the leveled pad. The house itself was made in 6-parts and carried into the pen for assembly.

Roofing paper was attached underneath the floor plywood before it was secured to the frame. It acts as a moisture barrier, and is not accessible to the animals. Two 4x4 posts were attached lengthwise (like skids) to the completed floor frame, and pushed into grooves in the gravel. This raises the floor up off the dirt and keeps it dry. More gravel was packed in around the skids so hopefully nobody would dig under.

The sloping roof was finished with a layer of roofing paper and asphalt shingles. Fortunately, our critters have only minimal interest in scratching/chewing the shingles off. A metal drip edge was added to deter chewing. As you can see, the roof is a favorite hangout.

Cedar and pine shavings are added as bedding material, which is cleaned out and replaced periodically.

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