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Wolfdog Containment Solutions
A Variety of Fencing Types for Large Kennels, Pens & Enclosures

This Section of -The Wolf Dunn- still under construction, please check back for updates.

The absolute most important issue facing any prospective or current wolfdog "owner", is containment. Whether you have low content (mostly-dog) or high content (mostly-wolf) animals, a secure means of housing the critters outdoors is essential.

The photos in each of the categories below shows a variety of types of fencing used to safely and adequately house our animals - WITHOUT the use of chains or aerial cable runs.

Some folks believe that because wolfdogs are known for their tendencies to bust out of flimsier fencing, that this somehow equates to an "impossibility" of keeping wolfdogs safely within a large pen or enclosure without chaining the animals up. Or that you need to be super-rich to afford "zoo" type facilities. All of this is false.

All that's needed to construct wolfdog-proof enclosures is common sense and creativity plus good sturdy materials. Below are pictured a variety of containment solutions which wolfdog owners use for their animals. We hope you find this useful for building your own enclosures.

Happy fencing, Gudrun Dunn

Chainlink Fencing:

Alternative Fencing Types:

Supplemental to Primary Containment:

Other Fencing Types (NOT recommended):

  • Wood Slat or Wood Privacy Fence
  • Welded Wire aka. "dog fence"
  • Field Fence aka. "ranch fence"
  • Horse Fence aka. "no-climb"
  • Invisible Fence aka. "stupidity"




Why should I keep my wolf-dog behind a fence when he's happier running loose ?

  • Because as a responsible owner, you don't want to see your furry friend flattened under a car tire.

  • You don't want your wolfdog to be mistaken for a coyote and shot.

  • You also don't want your wolfdog to wander off your property and cause damage or annoy other people and their animals.

  • You don't want your wolfdog to be picked up as a stray by Animal Control.

  • You'd like to see your animal reach full maturity (like many Northern breed dogs, wolfdogs have a tendency to take off after interesting scents and never return).

  • Behind a secure fence, you have control over who has access to your animals (important for safety concerns).

  • You don't want to deal with unwanted pregnancy. Be it your female, or someone else's dog impregnated by your male.

  • Because in many areas, laws prohibit free-roaming dogs (let alone wolfdogs!).

  • And the list goes on...

This Section of -The Wolf Dunn- still under construction, please check back for updates.

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