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Hogwire Panel Pen
Including Bottom Dig-Guards with Top Lean-In Arms
(hotwire is used at top)

Hogwire panel pens, front view

We used 4 gauge-52" combo panels by Behlen Manufacturing, sold at farm supply store, they're 52" x 16'....stacked one half panel (cut the long way) over full panel to equal about 6' high (with overlap). Heavy duty 2" nail-in staples were used to attach panels to posts.

Here are some pictures of our high security pen done for our new guy (seen lurking in the background of some of the pics).

This 38' x 40' pen cost just under $500 with 2-dog houses, hasp, lock, etc. Oh, posts are all concreted in.

The only downside to this fence that we've found, aside from needing a truck to haul the panels because they're so long, is that people arms can go into it and canine heads can stick out of it...solution is a perimeter fence.

Hope this helps with your project.
  Laura   ( email@critterhouse.com )

Hogwire panel pen, view of bottom dig guard

Dig proofing is half panels (cut the long way) attached with 9-ga hog rings.

Hogwire panel pens, closer view of bottom dig guard

We chose not to use hot wire at the bottom because the previous owner said the new fellow has a strong aversion to it (so do I).

Hogwire panel pen, corner of bottom dig guard

This is the corner of the bottom dig-guard. Note the overlap of panels for extra strength.

Hogwire panel pens, fencing and door

Hogwire panel pen, lean-in arms

Here you can see the angle of the top lean-in arms.

Hogwire panel pens, detail of lean-in arm

The 2' lean-ins are doubled bolted onto the posts. Lighter gauge fence wired up top and two strands of hot wire up top.

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