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Double-Gated Entryways
Providing a Secure Means of Entering Primary Fenced Area Without Squeeze-Outs

Shown below are:
Casa Lobo Kennels' double-gate || W.O.L.F. Sanctuary's double-gate || Bonnie's double-gate kennel

Chainlink pen, using a double-gated entryway plus metal sheeting which prevents fence-fighting. What you see here is a good example of a double-gated entryway. The section between one gate and the other is about 6'.

If you close one gate before opening the other, you avoid "squeeze outs" (where the critters try pushing past your legs as you enter the enclosure). They can still push past you but they are prevented from going any further than the other gate.

The metal sheeting in the background illustrates how to prevent from fence-fighting between the wolfdogs and the Malamute in the next pen. The tin is 4' high, wired onto the chainlink fencing, and has hotwire run along the top and bottom on both sides.

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  Christine Burkett
  Casa Lobo Kennels

Double-gated entryway at W.O.L.F. Sanctuary Wolves Offered Life and Friendship (W.O.L.F.) is a rescue/sanctuary for wolves and wolf-dog crosses.

Their recommendations for containment fencing include:
*   Double-gated entryways, with self-closing & self-latching mechanisms (as seen in the photo at right).

At their facility, enclosures are constructed with 8 to 10 foot high, 9 gauge chainlink fencing and 2-3 foot ground wire as dig guards. See more of their enclosures and construction techniques.

  Frank Wendland,
  W.O.L.F. Sanctuary
  Fort Collins, Colorado

Chainlink pen with double gated entry We put a walk space that is 3x3 and has a gate that we lock before opening the main gate to the pen. That way if they run out they have to turn around and go back in.

So far a 3 foot wide gate(*) works the best for us. That way I can take in a large carrier if someone is down and needs to go to the vet.

* Note from ~The Wolf Dunn~: narrower gates (ie. under 2 ft wide), help prevent squeeze-outs more effectively.

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  Song of the Wolf

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