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Chainlink Pens & Kennels
Of Differing Sizes and Construction Materials

Chainlink kennel, with Hunter the wolfdog Here is a pic of one of my enclosures. It is a 20' x 40', covered, with 3' covered ground wire all the way around. They have access to the building and it has 9 gauge chain link to the ceiling and also a wire covered floor to prevent digging.

There is also a wooded lining for the benefit of Hunter, who is the one in the enclosure and he is a verified 92.125%. He is a gentle animal but unsocialized and as a result he is very skittish. The wooded partition helps him to feel a little more secure. In the background is an enclosure of 20' x 40', as are all of my enclosures, that has covered groundwire of 4' all around and it has three strands of electric around the top. That is Dakota who is reportedly 98%, LOL. Both of these guys have 50% companions in with them that are very wolfy in behavior. Hunter's companion is the worst digger I have.

We are in the process of converting all the enclosure tops to 2 1/2' lean in panels, which will make it a total of 8 1/2' but with the lean-in's, it is in reality 8'. The fence panels are constructed with 9 gauge fencing that I had a fence company make for me. They are the ones that are making the lean-in panels. All the panels were re-enforced with (11 or 12 gauge?) electric fence wire, where we whip stitched all the bottoms of the panels and over lapped it with the ground wire. You can not see the ground wire that well in the pic, but it is there. In that particular enclosure we used 9 and 11 gauge woven wire, in the others we used a mix of woven and chainlink.

Hope it helps you out. Have a great day.

  Lorraine, Winddancer Wolfdogs

Chainlink kennel using wood posts Here are 2 pics of Paska and Tika in their pen. Took a ways off so you could see the pen. It is 12 foot wide by 24 foot long. 6 foot high and have 12.5 guage chainlink top, bottom, and sides.

The bottom is put down first and 2x4's nailed inside the posts and then the wire is nailed to the 2x4's. Then sides and same thing and then the top. Run 2x4's down the middle where the wire is wired together to keep them from pulling apart.

I also have a partition with gate that is open now but can be locked and the dogs separated if I don't want to breed them.

I wanted to get away from using hot wire and this works perfect. The only thing to be done is the walk in gate, which we've completed and you can see in Double-Gated Entryways. We put a walk space that is 3x3 and has a gate that we lock before opening the main gate to the pen. That way if they run out they have to turn around and go back in.

So far a 3 foot gate works the best for us. That way I can take in a large carrier if someone is down and needs to go to the vet.

  Bonnie, Song of the Wolf

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