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Lean-in Arms / Barb Arms
Warning: Do NOT use barbed wire. Use fencing or smooth wire over the arms.

Chainlink barbarms Tipin's and hot wire were added to the top of our fence to prevent the wolfdogs from jumping over. You can see both the tipin and the hotwire clip (bottom left corner) in this photo.

Our tipins are 1' 6", strung with barbless smooth wire.

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  Teresa, Wolfdog Oracle

Chainlink barbarm fittings Our chainlink enclosures are 8 and 10 feet tall, and while we didn't see a need to add barb arms (lean-in arms) right away, it was a wise decision that we installed the fittings during construction.

If we wouldn't have installed these, we would have had to take down the top portion of the chainlink fabric, and completely remove the top rails. Every standard bracket would need to be replaced with a barbarm fitting.

To avoid that whole ugly scenario, we installed them right from the beginning. Should it become necessary, we can just attach an "arm" to each fitting.

Chainlink barbarms If this were the case, we would use lighter guage (11 ga) chainlink fencing, or cheapo welded wire fencing (with 1x2" squares, dog fencing) draped over the arms.

The lean-ins won't prevent a climb over, it moreso serves as a visual climb deterent. If our critters absolutely determined themselves to climb over, or if we had a shorter fence, we would also use double strands of hotwire attached to the top of fence instead of the single hotwire strand we use now.

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  Gudrun, ( Kwewu7@inetdesign.com )

Hogwire panel pen, lean-in arms

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  Laura   ( email@critterhouse.com )

Hogwire panel pens, detail of lean-in arm

Here you can see the angle of our top lean-in arms. Lighter gauge fence is wired up top and two strands of hot wire also up top.

The 2' lean-ins are doubled bolted onto the posts.

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