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Wolf / Dog Education Network

Our mission is to educate the public regarding the behavior and needs ofwolves, wolf-dog crosses (commonly known as wolf-hybrids), and dogs forpromotion of responsible breeding, responsible ownership, and appropriatelegislation.

The Wolf / Dog Education Network represents dog owners, wolfdog owners, and other interested people in the state of Colorado for this legislative action (see the Colorado Legislative Alert page for more info).

We are stressing responsible breeding and responsible ownership of alldogs as well. Our main goal right now is to represent people in COthat have no voice (especially wolfdog owners). We are a grassroots organization and are using our own money for educational efforts. Eventually (when this legislation issue is resolved) we will become an official non-profit.

Membership Requirements and Policies:


Some methods discussed to achieve goals:

Summary of Dept. of Agriculture (DOA) meeting regarding selection ofcommittee members for the wolf hybrid study committee.

Meeting held 6/16/97 at 7:30 pm Lakewood, CO

The meeting was chaired by two vets from the DOA Dr. Roehr andDr. Molsby (sp?). They first gave an introduction to the purpose of themeeting which was that wolf hybrid owners and breeders were there to pickfour of their number to sit on the committee. They made it clear thatthey would have nothing to do with the selection (and left the room whenwe were choosing the four people). There were only about 10 people there,out of over 30 contacted about the meeting. They said the DOA is openminded and neutral about the study. We went over the bill (SB167) indetail. It became clear that the study committee is advisory only, evenif they advise that no legislation is called for, the senate is free tomake legislation anyway. The advisory group will consist of thefollowing:

Commissioner of Ag. Thomas Kourlis (or someone he designates)
1 vet- in this case Dr. Chris Fator has been chosen
1 Dept. of Wildlife representative
2 wolf refuge workers-I have been informed that these will be Pat Wendland of WOLF and Elizabeth Carmen
2 people from animal welfare agencies
2 people from the DOA
2 people representing environmental groups- Suzanne Core will be one of these
1 feline hybrid breeder
4 wolf hybrid breeders or owners- these will be Jim Redmond and Mark Johnson representing owners, Jim Wilcox representing breeder/owners, and Stephanie Porter with the Wolf / Dog Education Network, representing owners and breeders of all canines in Colorado. There will also be several alternates in case members can't make a meeting.

ALL MEETINGS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. There will be time at the end of each meeting for the public to have their say ! This is important andeveryone in CO should try to go to as many of these as possible.

Please contact the Wolf / Dog Education Network at the addresses below for moreinformation about the meetings and a timetable of when they are held:

Wolf / Dog Education Network
P.O. Drawer I
Silver Plume, CO 80476

(303) 569-0138 - or - (970) 824-4165

E-mail contact Dr. Stephanie Porter: (Stephanie.Porter@UCHSC.edu).

Remember even if the committee does not recommend legislation, this is NO guarantee that there will be no ban attempt here. The more people at the meetings, the better. If you want your voice heard, contact us at the numbers above. Get involved!

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