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Colorado Legislative Alert

Photos of Dogs which could be BANNED or severely restricted if Colorado residents don't express your displeasure with SB167.

The Colorado Legislative attempt:

What is the problem? Why does Colorado want to ban these animals ?

In December of 1996 a woman was killed by two reported wolf hybridsfor which she was the "caretaker". The media jumped on this incident andthere were many reports and special articles claiming that hybrids aredangerous and unpredictable. A couple of weeks later a ten yearold boy was mauled by a "wolf hybrid". Subsequent information aboutthese cases revealed that the two animals that killed the woman hadnot eaten for two weeks (county autopsy report) and had gotten out oftheir poor enclosure. The woman was trying to put them back. The secondcase of the "hybrid" mauling the boy revealed that the animal was not a hybrid,but claimed to be a hybrid for the publicity. These incidents have fueledanti-hybrid feelings in Colorado (needless to say the media never reported the updated information above).

Senator Rob Hernandez in concert with a lawyer named Suzanne Core have already gotten Senate Bill 167 passed (click here to read full text of bill). SB167 authorizes a study of the "wolf hybrid problem" in Colorado. The study committee will consist of sheep ranchers, cattle ranchers, Sinapu representatives (very anti-hybrid), Mission Wolf representatives (very anti-hybrid), politicians that see this as a chance to elevate their careers by ridding the state of "slavering baby killing wolves", some rescue organizations. So far everyone is very anti-hybrid except for two people on the committee.

If your dog looks "wolfy", here's why you need to fight this legislation:

If you have a wolfdog, german shepherd, husky, malamute or other "wolfy" appearing dog, you will be at risk if a ban or restrictive legislation passes in the state of Colorado. There is no test that can tell a wolfdog from a northern breed dog (or any dog) and it is likely there will never be one. Thus, any legislation regarding wolfdogs is completely unenforcable and subjective. In some states animal control officers have been given the sole ability to determine if you have a wolfdog.

What YOU can do to stop this legislation - write .

Write to the Senators on the agriculture committee involved with this bill.Write to Senator Hernandez in particular.Write to Suzanne Core, she is instrumental in proposing legislation and is picking people to be on the study committee. Call the media and let them know what you think, let them know that thousands of citizens are not being represented by their supposed representatives. The public is being discouraged from getting involved.

Tell LOTS and LOTS of people in Colorado that this is happening. Very few hybrid owners in Colorado even know about this legislation!

Click here for contact addresses and phone numbers for the supporters/sponsors of this anti-wolfdog legislation. Write to them, call them, let them know you oppose restrictive regulations and/or a ban on wolf hybrids. Remember, SB167 only authorizes the study of the issue.

Colorado resident, Dr. Stephanie Porter, has written a letter to the all the Senators on Colorado's Agricultural Committee. The information she presents is extremely important as it includes bite statistics by breed as well as detailed information on why this issue is so important to dog and wolfdog "owners" in the state.

Jim Redmond, Colorado resident and Wolfdog 'owner' has expressed his views on SB167. His wolfdog Timbre is a valued member of his family, and Jim is fighting to retain his rights to continue sharing his life with this remarkable animal.

We also urge Colorado residents to contact the Wolf / Dog Education Network to learn more about wolf-dogs as well as how this legislation could effect your rights to own "wolfy looking" dogs in the future.

* Updates * Summary of Dept. of Agriculture Meeting * Schedule of Public Meetings * Mission Statement *

Click here to read the full text of Colorado Senate Bill 167

Questions, comments, concerns about SB167 can be addressed via e-mail to Dr. Stephanie Porter (Stephanie.Porter@UCHSC.edu).

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