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Here is shaman my 75%artic/timber wolf 25%husky/malmute
He loves the Outdoors He likes to plat in the leaves and the snow!
He is 1yr old and he grew fast!

He starts to howl when I play the Native American flute.
He love water I put the sprinkler on the back lawn and he runs throughit with timbermoon.

This is Timbermoon my 25% wolf/greatpyraness
He looks more like the great pyraness but he has the attitude of a wolf.He stays in the house and loves the family He protects us from anyone who walks up the street he runs in the front room and puts his front legs on the futon and barks at them He is realy protective,but the thunder scares him to death.

Shaman and Timbermoon are 'owned' by Cody. For more information about his critters, contact ( with 'Shaman' as subject.

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