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Casa Lobo's Akiah

This is our Akiah, a high % Arctic wolf-dog cross, born 5-11-92.

She is every bit as sweet and happy as she appears in the picture. Her mate is Khrom, 98% Alaskan Tundra (silver in color).

Amorak & Mansi These two are Amorak and Mansi.

As there are 17 wolfdogs, so are there 17 different personalities. Each is special and unique. We have a pair of blacks (Mansi (f) and Chato (m), both 98%) who are very shy and every shade of gray all the way to the white Akiah and her brother, MiCante, who are very forward and outgoing.

Shadow Shadow is a 50% wolf-dog cross. She was born to our MiCante Nu and Katiluv.

The father, MiCante Nu, is the brother of Akiah (seen in the first photo above). The mother of this pup is an AKC reg. Alaskan Malamute.

Angel & Christine's daughter Angel and my daughter Barbara, smooching.

We have many more wolf-dogs that are not pictured on this page. You are welcome to visit our website Casa Lobo Kennels where you can see the rest our animals.

There's also an educational page at our site, titled Living with Wolf Dogs where we provide some information on what it takes to responsibly raise happy, healthy, wolf-dog crosses.

Chato and Mansi with Christine's daughter All the animals pictured here are owned by Christine & Russell Burkett of Casa Lobo Kennels. If you'd like to know more about their wolf-dog crosses, contact Christine at ( ) with 'wolfdogs' as subject.

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