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Chakotah Chakotah is a 50% mix, his Mother is a Grey Wolf and his Father is approx 95% Shephard / 5% Husky, the owners of the Wolf just wanted to get rid of the litter, they were an "accident" because the mother escaped from her pen and got with the Shephard. He was the last of a litter of 13, and the last one to go because when people came to view them he would back into a corner and growl, my wife got him for me for an anniversay present, I have wanted one for years and have been fascinated by Wolves for years.

Regarding his personality I would say he was fiesty and pushed the "envelope" until one day I had the good fortune to have an Animal Physcologist come into the shop, she had worked with a number of Wolves in the area and noted that I needed to be the "Dominant" male or I was headed for trouble. I changed my whole approach in dealing with Chakotah and the change was immediate. He is really like a big furry baby and because of his daily contact with people he is an excellent "ambassador" for WolfDogs.

I do hand feed him about 1/2 to 3/4 lb of raw beef a day along with his regular dog food, this was on the recommendation of his vet. He has his rabies shots and is checked regularly by the vet. He also has an electronic ID chip between his shoulders, because we live in Florida he only goes in the garden to "potty" and run around with our Afghan Hound or with me when I play "kick the plastic plant pot" which he loves to do, he tries to catch it in the air and when he gets it he shakes it around like "prey".

Chakotah Here is a photo of Chakotah taken when he was about 1 year old, he was checking out the pool when I took the photo.

He will be 2 years old on December 22nd [1997] and I can say that it has been a fantastic experience sharing my life with him for the last 22 months and I hope we have many years ahead of us.

I have had 2 Shepherds 1 Welsh Border Collie and the Afghan in my life and can honestly say that he is not like any dog, I guess the Wolf makes the difference! Incidently I have learnt a lot from watching any programs on tv dealing with Wolves and watching how they interact in the pack, I have been able to put this to good use in raising Chakotah.

I could go on and on about Chakotah, my wife tells me I should write a book, maybe I will one day! (right now I am trying to get myself established as an Aviation Artist) I would welcome any questions about my experiences in raising Chakotah.

Chakotah howling

This is the newest photo of Chakotah, taken in late April / early May in my back garden. As you can probably tell he is having a howling session. He is 2 years old now and weighs 130lb, when he howls in this sitting position he measures 46 inches from ground to nose, he is not a little puppy anymore... :-)

Chakotah is 'owned' by David. Contact ( ) with 'Chakotah' as subject.

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