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Shadow is a 4 yr old female mid-high wolf/mal mix whom we bottle fed from 13 days old. She is very social once she realizes someone has our OK.

She loves Sue & I, all children, Onyx and her new adopted road puppy, Sandy.

Onyx is a 6 yr old male of uncertain lineage whom we took over care of 2 yrs ago. He was raised in an apartment in Fla and had very few outdoor skills.

He is not agressive but is very shy and keeps his distance from everyone except Sue, me & the lady who keeps our place when we are away.

He is very loving to us, Shadow and Sandy, whom he also adopted.

Onyx, Shadow and Sandy
Both are neutered and are very well mannered in the house.

They are allowed inside at their discretion and spend most days in the summer hugging the A/C outlets.

The little brown one who is chewing on Shadow in this picture is Sandy, the 6 month old road puppy.

Onyx, Shadow at the creek
They love the creek and the mixture of woods and pasture on our property.

Onyx, Shadow
We only have a 4 rules, stay on the property, come when called, no fighting and no destruction in the house. Everything else is pretty much optional.

Doug and Onyx
Both Sue & I are retired so we are usually around most of the time which provides great stability for them and a lot of togetherness for all of us.

I have not had any problems with either of them and consider myself very lucky to have such easy to get along with companions.

Onyx died of lymphoma on 12/23/00 and is deeply missed. He was my best friend. A big part of me died with him and I still miss him terribly.

We adopted Reno at 5 yrs old from a rescue several months later and he is a nice friendly fellow who really needed a good home.

He was raised by an older couple and, when the lady died, the husband put him on a short chain on a deck for 2 years.

Reno running Reno and friends running

Reno running with friends
He lost his right eye to cancer about a month after we got him. Fortunately they got it all before it had spread and they indicated that there should be no recurrence.

He is a very active, happy and friendly wd. He loves everybody and all creatures.

All the critters you see pictured above are 'owned' by Doug & Sue Carter.
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