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Tanana in snow Tanana: - Spayed female, never bred. Born: early spring 1988. F1, 28" at the shoulder 80 LB's. Mix: Malamute OFA: not done. Percentage: 60 to low 70's Best I can do pheno typing.

Bought at 89% F2, Recently verified her father was a pure. I could not get anywhere over the yrs on her mothers background.

At an early age she acquired the name "Tanana the Banana", as I thought she was 4 cents short of a nickel. She could go all around a room and never touch the floor, table to chair to TV to desk and so on. She was concentrated energy. She went outside for good at 6 months old, she never liked being inside.

As Tanana grew so did the fencing. It finally went up to 8 ft. She gave it a shot and bloodied her nose at 7 ft 8 in. She is a one incident animal, never tried it again. After that she turned into a tunnel queen, 20 footers were not uncommon with her. Hey, you gotta have a den. Although very female animal aggressive, if you look up Sweet in the dictionary, you'll see Tanana's picture.

Tanana approaching I went camping with Tanana and some friends when she was about a year old and while walking along a river Tanana sliped her collar. Well the Banana jumped into the river, I mean jumped, off a ten or twelve foot bank, I mean the dive was worth a TEN. She hit the water swimming and panic set in. She was heading for the far shore about 75 feet away. I don't swim. (Would you belive I worked underwater construction for many many years). One of my friends jumped in and caught her about half way across. There they were in the middle of the river at a stale mate. Another friend went in to help. They had her by the tail and a leg and it took all they had to make it ashore.

She did make one escape and led the charge. In the old place the compound was out the back door of the house. Well I left the back door open and the front screen door was not locked. I was in the kitchen when they came by, Tanana in the lead followed by Loafer & Two Feathers. She never stopped, went through the screen door like it wasn't there. Twoee I managed to grab. Loafer once out got scared and tried to find a way back in. Tanana never stopped. I found her about an hour later two blocks away submitting to an ankle biter. When you have a "Banana" like Tanana, she'll always leave you with a smile.

Loafer walking, 1994 Loafer: - Intact male (never bred) Born: 5-12-89. 80% F1, 115 LBs, 32" at shoulder. Mix: Malamute. Hips: OFA Excellent. Mother: Pure BC.

Bought at 96 % but after investigation on the fathers side % was dropped. The breeder helped with the investigation. It was not her fault, as someone changed %'s before she got the male.

He was the shyest in his litter and the breeder said I should not expect much from him. She was right. To this day he is afraid of his own shadow. Despite his shyness he is extremely dominate. The last time he submitted to me was at 10 months old. Being shy and dominate makes him a fear biter and king of redirected behavior. He is king and does things his way. Loafer is a good teacher, but not for the faint hearted.

The reasons he was never neutered,
(a) OFA Excellent hips
(b) He never gave me trouble with Winter Wolf Syndrome, if you forget the winter of 98 (G).

Being so shy, he lacks the courage for a dominance debate. He deals with the winter by ignoring me. He give me about 5 minutes of his time a day, and then see ya. One wolf kiss from Loafer can make your day. Ya gotta love him!!!

Loafer atop his platform, 1998 If a friend came and offered you steaks would you refuse? Well good cuts of meat just don't do it for Loafer. A buddie of mine just wanted to pet Loafer. I told him you better bring something good. He brought him a T Bone, thinking no animal could refuse. Loafer would come about three feet from the steak, stretch out and air sniff and then back away, hoping he would get it thrown to him. My friend said if he don't take it from me he won't get it. Every weekend I cut it up into four pieces and put it in there bowls. This went on for a year. Then it happened, he held out the meat and Loafer did a Two Sock ( Dances With Wolves) and grabbed it. He would never take it again. When I saw the movie I said, "Thats what Loafer did with Arnie"!

When the big guy moves he is like poetry in motion. He just flows across the ground. May be it's his OFA excellent hips. Loafer can cover so much ground and it didn't look like moved. You just scratch your head and say "How he'd do that."
Ya gotta love these animals.

Two Feathers and Choctaw
Two Feathers & Choctaw, male and female. Can you guess which one is not full-wolf ?

Choctaw in Winter 95 Choctaw: - Black phase female, never bred, Spayed. Loafer's sister, same litter. Born 5-12-89. 85 LB 80% F1 30" at the shoulder. Mother: pure BC. Hips: OFA Good Mix: Malamute

Although not shy like her brother Loafer she has gotten leery of people as she has gotten older, but if you hang in there awhile she will come to you. She is not as dominate as her brother but is the over all leader of her compound dominating her counter part Two Feathers a male. At the age of Two she broke two teeth down to the nerve. She had two root canals done by a people dentist from the U of Penna. She is not female animal aggressive but will put a female in her place if it does not show proper wolf submissive behavior.

She is one of the stars of our Wolf education exhibit at the Rankokus Indian Arts Festival, Powhatan Renape Nation - Rankokus American Indian Reservation. She is a real crowd pleaser.

She is also a tunneler but only 6 or 7 ft under ground is her longest. Choctaw was bought a year before she was born. That was a long year.

Two Feathers aka. Twoee Two Feathers also known as Twoee: - Neutered Male, Never bred. Born: 5-5-91 105 LB 31" at the shoulder. No OFA. Percentage: Interior Alaskan. Mix: Pambasileus

The name Twoee was given to him by his "Uncle Monty", of Wolf Park.

Twoee's socialization was the first thing planed. For his first 5 months of his life he had 24 hr a day human companionship. One or two days a week he was taken out to see the rest of the guys. Nose to nose only, until he was three months old and then one day a week to run with the guys. At 6 months he went out to be with Choctaw who was two and a half. They have been together ever since. Even to day, 7 yrs later, when resting they are never more than a few feet from each other.

Until he was 5yrs old he loved everyone. There wasn't a person he wouldn't go to. Now he sorta gets a kick out of challenging new people.

I had always heard about Winter Wolf Syndrome but never had to deal with it, until Twoee. He put meaning to the words.(G) Right after that winter and just before his fourth birthday he was neutered. It's not fun when you have a big boy on your shoulders growling and you can count all his teeth.

Twoee is the other part of the education exhibit and he and Choctaw are great travelers. They have been to Indiana and a few times to Tenn. Pull the truck up to the compound and they are ready to go anywhere. When Monty comes for his yearly visit Twoee gets like, Monty, Monty and takes about two hours to calm down so he can take pictures. When Monty leaves Twoee is obnoxious for about 4 days. Monty always leaves me with a brat.(G) With Two Feathers I got it right. Got what I paid for.

One of our new Wolfdoglist members sent me her web site and permission to share it. It has excellent articles on Dysplasia & OFA. Dora's web site has things we all should know, so here it is: Cottonwoods OFA Info. The OFA web site is: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Please note:

Sadly, after a long battle with cancer our beloved friend Paul passed away at 10:40 pm on 1/31/01. He went calmly in his sleep.

His family requests that if you knew Paul Ferrari aka "Wolfmutt1", please make a donation in his name to:

Battle Ground, IN 47920 USA

Letter from his Babies:

Dear Wolf World,

We are writing to everyone to ask them to take a moment and say a prayer for our Daddy. We will miss him and his jokes when he use to come out and play.

This is from Twoee - I just wanted to say that he was the best of all fathers to me that any wolf would want to have. He never raised his hand in anger and always spoiled me to no end. This is from Tanana-banana - my daddy could do no wrong that is why I weight the most out of all of us. This is from Loafer - I just wanted to say that, although, we had differences in opinion about life, he was my father and always allowed me to give him kisses or a nip on the chin. This is from Choctaw - Please remember my father, out of all of us, I loved him the most. He could do no wrong in my yellow eyes. I was so happy that the people here allowed me to go into the house to say my goodbyes to my Dad. I know that I will see him again and he will be able to play once again. Everyone out there please remember him and never forget the hard work and the efforts he played in the introduction of wolves into Yellowstone and the education he gave all of you. We will miss him and always remember him.

May God keep and love Paul Ferrari our Daddy.

Tanana, Loafer, Choctaw, Two Feathers

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