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Makuya Makuya--means wolf.

He is very territorial and will mark anything new. He once marked my girlfriend when we were play wrestling. He also has a marked taste for expensive leather books.

I orginally purchased him to be a SAR dog. You can read more about my experiences with Mayuka and SAR (search & rescue) in the "Working Activities with Wolfdogs" section, "Wolfdog Activities / Tom and Makuya".


Sheyo--means 'prairie chicken'.

She got this name because as a pup she was all legs and ears.

When we first brought her home she would hide behind the entertainment center and just give Makuya heck. Sheyo is the more vocal of the two and hardly keeps quiet when in the house.

Together they are the buddies.
An inseperable pair, I can't take one to the vet without the other making everybody miserable for the whining.


Makuya and Sheyo are "owned" by Tom Beeker. To contact Tom, e-mail ( ) with 'Sheyo' as subject.

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