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Osota at 14 weeks Osota at 14 weeks


My best friend of 20 years out of the blue one day decided that he wanted a Wolf-hybrid. I got on my keyboard and did a search and located a lady in Texas.

Well after a few phone calls my friend asks me if I'd ride down to Texas with him to pick up his puppy. It was a good opportunity to get out of the house for a while so what the heck.

Osota at 16 weeks Osota at 16 weeks


When we arrived I find out that the breeder has one extra pup that she hasn't placed and she asks if my friend would want 2 for the price of 1. He readily agreed and we headed back to Memphis with 2 pups instead of one.

After about an hour drive he turns to me and asks "so what are you gonna name yours?". Needless to say the results are obvious.

Osota at 6 months Osota at 6 months


I chose the Sioux word "Osota" (pronounced oh-SHOW-tah) which means "Smokey".

He has been the best companion I've ever had. He looks real intimidating but is nothing more than a big clown. He's always happy and loves to play. He can catch you off balance though and if you're not careful you may find yourself on the ground being licked to death.

Osota at 8 months Here he is at 8 months


His fur looks black but if you stroke it up toward his head it reveals a brown grey mix underneath the black.

He is always being complimented on what a beautiful animal he is and he's crazy about children and females. He has yet to meet a stranger.

I've owned a variety of critters throughout my life. Everything from a Chow to a Norwegian Elkhound to a Lhasa Apso, but Osota is by far the most unique.

Osota at 8 months

His high level of intelligence combined with his personality make it entertaining just to sit in the back yard and watch him play. I never had to housebreak him and sometimes he understands me better than other humans do.

He may go through 40 pounds of Pro-Plan every three weeks and I might have half a dozen really deep holes dug in the back yard, but I wouldn't trade him off for anything in this world.

Barry (Starkiller)

Barry Richenback is 'owned' by Osota.

To contact him, e-mail ( Starkiller ) with 'Osota' as subject.

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