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Weight Pulling
Lobo being readied for weight pulling

High content wolfdog, Lobo, pulling weights
Lobo, an F1 86% Mott/GKS wolfdog, being readied for a weight pull


Two wolfdogs in harness, sledding

Two wolfdogs sledding
These two sledding beauties are both wolfdogs, F1 87 1/2% and an F1 93.75%

Weight Pulling There are lots of wolfdog folks who participate in weight pulling and sled dog work.

I used to be pretty active myself in this with wolfdogs before I had the kids. We used to have a fun weight pull at the USWHA [now defunct United States Wolf Hybrid Assoc] campouts - the TN group may still be doing this.

All you need is a weight pull harness and something to pull. I've trained my guys using old tires and logs as a drag and then progressed to heavier things.

We've even had some of the higher percentage F1's pulling in a short amount of time at the campouts - it's something they seem to take to.

Most of the animals had never pulled before - I used to bring my cart and various size harnesses.

If you really want to get into weight pulling on a more serious level, you can compete at International Weight Pull Assoc events - open to all breeds and mixed breeds.

Sledding is a little more difficult because you have to train a lead dog if you want to be able to stop and turn your team.

I've had a few lower percentage animals that were effective at lead - some better than others! I have some pics of my friend's pure wolf running at point!

Some of the USAWA [United States American Wolfdog Assoc] people are competing in agility and they normally bring the equipment for participants to "try out" to their campouts. For competition agility, however, you have to be able to control the dog offlead - a real challenge for the high percents and F1's.

More Fun Activities

Obedience is another fun activity, especially when you get to the more advanced levels with jumps and retrieves. Again, for competition, you have to have offlead control.

I used to compete with my wolfdogs at rare breed shows in obedience - however, with all the negative publicity, etc., it is becoming more difficult - unfortunately, most people have to lie about ancestry to even enter in these days!

There used to be a group called New England Obedience News that gave titles to dogs (including the rare breeds) that were not registered with AKC or UKC. I don't know if they exist anymore but there is a group called AMBOR that issues titles - you have to provide proof of neutering or spaying to register with them.

AKC has a no wolfdog policy for their CGC program - even though it is open to mixed breeds! There are wolfdogs with the CGC title - but they are listed as mixed breeds.

      Noreen ( wolfen@nb.net )

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