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Yoshe at the Texas Longhorn branding

Yoshe Yoshe Yoshe Yoshe Yoshe Yoshe

Yoshe and a Longhorn steer Yoshe helped educate both parents and children about wolfdogs at the annual branding of the official Texas Longhorn Herd.

Each year a group of children are allowed to brand the calves. Unfortunately there is little else to entertain the children for the rest of the day. For the last several years, I have carried a wolfdog to the State Park and introduced both parents and children to wolfdogs.

The night before leaving we loaded the carrier into the back of my truck. Yoshe stood at the fence and watched. She hates to ride and I thought that it would be hard to catch the next morning. However, when I went to the door, she was waiting for me. I thought it would take a while to get her collar on since she only wears one when we go somewhere. Again, she fooled me, she sat at my feet and waited for me to put on her collar and leash. It was as if she knew what she had to do. Bless her heart, the moment I loaded her into her carrier, she began to drool.

Yoshe and the crowd As soon as we arrived at the State Park she was assaulted with sights of longhorn cattle which she had never seen before, the smell of burnt hair from the branded calves, and a mass of young people rushing at her. She was pretty frightened when she first got out of the carrier, but still tried to greet each person in a friendly manner.

She laid down and let them all rub her, she posed with children so their parents could take pictures. After about an hour, the kids began to leave. Next, parents came to visit her and touch her. Both the parents and the kids asked many questions about wolves and wolfdogs. I was very proud of Yoshe, she did a good job of representing a well mannered wolfdog.

Yoshe and the adults I had planed to give a program and explain things in a group setting, unfortunately, things do not always turn out as we plan. Yoshe has been invited to several functions in the past and is invited to help with a boy scout campout the last of next month, she truly loves the kids.

When it was time to leave, many of the adults came over and thanked her for coming to visit. I felt that they recognized the intelligence and love which she has for others.

Yoshe is a very loving animal, however because of the long rides, it is not easy for her to do these programs. She seems to know that she has a job to do and does it to the best of her ability.

Yoshe with children Yoshe with children lined up to meet her
Yoshe calm






Pam Thompson can be contacted by e-mail at ( pam@brazosnet.com ).

You can also see more of Yoshe and her companion Makwa in the "Visit the Ranch" photo pages section of this website.

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