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Tacoma in his new home
Tacoma in his new home.
A couple of years ago around Thanksgiving/Christmas time, there was a low-content wolfdog (malamute mix) in San Diego, who was languishing in A.C. and needed a home. His name was Tacoma.

He was an abused animal who was a stray and lived in a suburb on the streets of San Diego for about six months, while A.C. began efforts to try to catch him. He was fed by the people who lived in the neighborhood and would stay in somebody's yard for a few days before moving on to another house. He was not approachable by strangers and was an escape artist. Tacoma LOVED children and would follow them to and from school. Parents began to fear for their children's safety, of course, with this large animal following them, though they all adored him.

A.C. finally caught him after six months and took him to the shelter, in poor health from living on the streets for so long. The staff there quickly grew to love him and lobbied for him not to be euthanised. People in Tacoma's former neighborhood also lobbied A.C. to keep him from being euthanised and visited him at the shelter regularly.

A.C. agreed that he could be adopted by a licensed facility, at which time the posts started appearing about him. Unfortunately, as is so common, the rescues were all filled up and were not able to take him in.

In the meantime, a rescue worker named Cindy began working with Tacoma by taking him out on walks and getting him used to new people and situations. He was a terrified animal who was scared of his own shadow, and would lay in a corner at the back of his kennel. She fell in love with this animal and devoted much of her free time to him.

His time at A.C. was up, as he had been there for six months, and he was scheduled to be euthanised since it seemed that a home could not be found for him. It was around Thanksgiving time a couple of years ago that Mark (my other half) saw posts [on Wolfdog mailing lists] and instantly connected with this animal, never even having seen him.

To make a long story short, he contacted Cindy and a fund raiser was held by the Animal Rescue Organization to raise funds for him to be transported here. Cindy and Michelle (an A.C.O.) arrived shortly before Christmas with our new family member. Needless to say, we fell in love with him instantly.

It took him awhile to settle in and alot of time spent working with him, but now a couple of years later, it is like he has always been with us. He "rules the roost" with his packmates and has developed a confidence that I never thought I would see in him. He is definitely not the same animal who came to us.

Tacoma at an educational presentation
Tacoma at an educational presentation.
He now goes with us to our educational presentations, along with one of our high-content wd's, and is an ambassador for his kind/content. Tacoma LOVES the attention he recieves, especially from the children, and gets SO excited when he sees the collars and leashes come out! He is a huge "gentle giant", and a more loving animal would be hard to find, we always say.

Tacoma has been a blessing to us and has touched the lives of many people; it is hard not to fall in love with him. A woman from his former neighborhood named Esther sends him gifts and treats for every holiday and his birthday, and still visits him when she is here in NV. She always says that she saw Tacoma as "a ray of light that symbolized all the hope and good in the world". I agree.

I wanted to share this story because I feel it is important for us to remember all of the other "Tacoma's" out there who are in need of forever homes and need help. My hope and wish is that they all have happy endings like our Tacoma did.

We wish all of you brightest blessings.

Animal Rescue Coalition
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