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Shodn was my first ever partner ... he was approximately 1/4 Shep, 1/4 Husky and 1/2 Wolf ... don't ask me what "F" level he was ....

He, along with Shilo (2/3 Wolf, the rest Mal husky) and Aislynn (pure GSD) were part of my unit when I lost them all. Shodn was about 9, Shilo 7, and Aislynn was 6 days away from her first birstday when they died in a vehicle fire that is still unresolved and viewed as highly suspicious .. read: .. someon torched my truck with them in it .. and yes .. there is not a moment of a day that goes by where I do not KNOW that they were my responsibility and that I should have been there to guard and protect them.

But that is not the reason I am writing .. I am writing with regard to Shodn ...

He was the only K-9 SAR (Search and Rescue) General Civilan unit (with me, of course) in the North of BC, Canada for awhile.

We only deployed on one actual search (we found the moose the hunter had shot, meanwhile the hunter walked into a search party several kilometers away) .. but he was a very capable and competant partner ... he was a one of a kind .. and he was as good as I could have hoped for ... and the wolf in him was what made him unique.

I have started again with a GSD, as I was not able to find another wolf hybrid ... at least not the likes of which would be able to do what I had hoped, wanted and needed, but Aidan is definelty a purebred GSD ... and I can see and feel the missing element ... and I miss it ...

But yes .. there were many adventures Shodn and I shared .. .many a training story ... many a time he saved my ass end by finding something as silly as a radio I dropped .. or a GPS ... or just long 3 hour tracks ... or riding on the skytrain or the like ...

... and the greatest thing to his credit is that he managed to live with me .. and that is no easy task even on good days. *small smile*


David White
Alberta, Canada

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