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Makuya I am a member of our local SAR team. When I got my Makuya, I was looking for a dog to train as a air scenting dog, and I thought a wolfdog would be perfect for the role.

My boy just never got the hang of actually looking for something he couldn't eat. He did really well with the puppy games, go find daddy etc. But as he matured he would go find me and then run off to find something more challenging, rabbits and birds being the "lost" subjects he prefered.

He later added such challenging lost animals as skunks and dead things. It was about then I decided that I really didn't want a search dog anyway. Since then I've become a tracker and go find em myself, durn dog anyway!

There is alot more to this than one might imagine. A SAR dog must be an exceptional animal.

They must be totally obedient, no just to yourself but to complete strangers.

They must be non-agressive. Even to other dogs.

They must be able to handle unusual circumstances. The KY SAR dog Assoc. has rigid testing that includes...the dog is placed in the bed of a pickup truck. Given the stay command by a strange handler. A helicopter is flown in and landed within 300 yards of the truck. The dog must not leave the bed of the truck or it will be failed as a KSAR dog.

Helicopter heck, if a bunny ran by mine it would be a while before I saw my, somewhat full, boy again.

Tom Beeker

The animal you see above is 'owned' by Tom. To contact him, e-mail ( resqman@usit.net ).

Tom also shares photos of his other wolfdog, Sheyo. Together Makuya and Sheyo make and inseparable pair. See them online at, At the Ranch/Tom Beeker's Wolfdogs.

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